TLB Spring Camp in the yorkshire dales Fri 30 March/Sun 1 April

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  3. Woodylubber

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    Dont forget people, The campsite is called Gordale Scar Campsite, when you get to the pub in Malham ( The Buck Inn) turn right over the bridge past the other pub ( The Lister Arms ) and keep going for about half a mile :) its a narrow road to the middle of nowhere but thats the way
  4. Maybe I should get the snowboard out of retirement and screw some wheels onto it :lol:

  5. booze - check
    camping gear - check
    camper filled with petrol - check
    food - check
    syringe , water melon and vodka -check
    how much vodka to put in :thinking: how much of a p*ss heads are you >:D
  6. Woodylubber

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    Fill it up craig and camp near me :) :yeah that:
  7. Woodylubber

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    Just seen Yorkshire weather and tommorows ok :) then its cooler for the weekend :( then getting colder next week and maybe winter is returning for easter weekend :(
  8. The more and more I follow this topic I have come to realise that I have lived a sheltered life in regards to consuming alcohol. Although there was one time, long long time ago I did for a bet, snort vodka.;) Never again.!. It has given me an idea for a new book. I think I may title it the campervan drink book. By all appearances I believe it will be a best seller. :)
  9. Does anyone know where the nearest chippy/Chinese/pizza place is? I'll be taking orders and grabbing a takeaway on my way in I think. Should be there about 6
  10. all packed up, loaded with beer , wine and vodka and ready too roll 8) 8) 8)
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  13. Not packed, not shopped, got no petrol, still got 2 buggering curtains to fit...

    But I have got the day off tomorrow to sort it all out O0
  14. Woodylubber

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  16. The YHA hostel in Malham (next to one of the pubs) will let you book in there for breakfast as a visitor, buffet style full english for a fiver last time I was in the area I think + all the continental, cereal, breads, fruits you can eat etc...

    and it's a nice brisk walk from the camp site
  17. Louigi you just drove past my house about an hour ago!!! Security system check!!! ;)
  18. Nearly packed ;D If anyone has any idea how ive been getting all that crap in my trailor can you let me know cos at the moment im struggling to get the dam thing shut! ::) ::)

    Also as luck would have it ive come down with a serious bout of man flu. :( Im gonna be self medicating all weekend so if you have any great family remedies I will happily try them out. At the moment I smell like a tub of vicks an still carnt blooming breath!! :eek:
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    Do any of the pubs in Malham do any food please people?

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