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  1. Go for it mate, we haven't considered the whole Brexit debacle in our travel plans this year. We have trips to Barcelona and New York booked already. As a man of advanced years:rolleyes: in a couple of years I can draw a tax free lump sum from a private pension which we intend to use to fund trips to New Zealand, the Far East and California. :thumbsup:
  2. No idea how Brexit will effect anything, but I’m flying to New York in April with a stop in Dublin, so if I have to get my passport out and get a visa stamped, so be it. I can’t see it being too difficult to travel, it’s in no ones interest to make it so; but the euro exchange rate will be the issue, at least for a while, I’m sure. We’ll see.
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  3. I should have a spanking new Irish Passport before I travel, so that should help.

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  4. Maybe after I've tried the Med, though I wouldn't be interested in the cities, except for a few of the museums in New York. Again, I would want to adventure and travel, not be stuck in one place.

    Places I would like to see: The Rockies, Grand Canyon, New Orleans (?), some of the national parks and a drive down the West Coast.

    To avoid: New York (though those museums):confused: , Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Disney World and alike

    My language??? Níos faide amach :p
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  5. I have relatives over there - apperently hundreds of them :rolleyes:

    Texas?? Nope, can't see the attraction except for a place to get a really nice pair of boots, though I think it wouldn't take long before I was being chsed to the border for stating my opinon. Likewise @Ermintrude ?? :)
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  6. New York is well-worth seeing - great place. And you can walk everywhere. And there are plenty of Irish.

    Once you've done that, over to LA, hire car, drive down to San Diego, then up the coastal highway to San Francisco. Winner :thumbsup:
  7. Definitely the west coast!
    I always fancied the Deep South for a completely different cultural people watching experience, Louisiana, Georgia, etc, but these days I think my politics and opinions might get me into trouble so maybe not for the foreseeable!
    New York wouldn’t have been my choice (America in general doesn’t really appeal too much, although I always wanted to go to Hawaii) but 2 friends want us to celebrate there for our big birthdays, so why not.... it’s only 4 days! And I will undoubtedly have a great time :)
  8. New York is a great place. Have four breakfasts, then get up the Empire State :thumbsup:

    They shoot pinkos in the South - a good thing, surely?
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  9. @scrooge95 and @Ermintrude

    Hawaii - Oh Yes!!! I've never really counted it as the USA and I'm sure it would be quite different over there.

    Hang Ten !!! :cool::thumbsup:
  10. Surfed the Gower - Boxing Day 1990.

    ****Beats chest****
  11. Excellent, let’s test that theory that sometimes a flight is better than driving. I’m in :D
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  12. Let’s goooooooo!
    Already got my outfit ready
  13. Hula Hula Yeahhhh!!!

    @scrooge95 I think I can be persuaded to fly :-D
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  14. I think the coldest surf was either Watergate Bay in mid November - I think 1995 or the west coast of Ireland at Strandhill in August :lol: (yep, that warm)
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  15. Surfed Pria da Rocha Portugal terribly :thumbsup:
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  16. I never call myself a 'good' surfer, either. I live in the wrong bit of the country for some waves.
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  17. It beats walking there :thumbsup:
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  18. So do I now, landlocked in Aylesbury.

    I blame Thatcher - the sea snatcher....
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  19. Bankers. They took it. B*stards.
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  20. And guns....
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