TLB Hogsback Brewery Tour and Camping - Farnham - 30-1 March 2012

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  1. Gaz, can accomodate you and your wife on the tour
  2. mike cheers for the response. Gonna call the mother-in-law in the morn and fingers crossed she'll have the kids. I'll get back to you asap. Fingers crossed
  3. Fingers crossed she says yes - be good to have you along :)
  4. sadly the weather is not looking as good as it is at the moment
  5. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    It will be fine. It's more than -10 so a big bonus and there is no prediction of the end of the world this weekend so that's an even bigger bonus :)
  6. Guys,

    Some things to bear in mind.

    Camping. If you are ariving between 12-4ish you wont have a problem getting into the campsite. If you arrive after this time, you will need to call them and let them know and you will also be given a code for the gate

    Tour. The tour starts at 1.00 and we will need to be there at least 10 minutes before hand. I have arranged for lifts to start at 12.00 as we may need to do a double trip to get everyone there.

    and remember Drink responsibly. . . .

    . . . Im just kidding, go nuts and throw up all over birdys bus on the way back.
  7. Spoke with gary and he mentioned this to me, i enjoyed volksworld and met some nice fellow members, so wouldnt mind coming to this as well if there is space. I just need to bum lick the bossman a little to make sure i dont need to come in to work on Saturday, so before i bum lick too much is there actually enough room for Me and Amy too? and if so what do i need to do with regard to booking and paying deposits etc. Would require two space for the brewery tour and Camping for the Saturday night.

    It is a cool site, only a little walk from my nans gaff, and there are a few good pubs closish by, the Swan is a nice one next to the Canal and then there is the Quays just up the road almost walking distance. and potters not sure how nice it is but just the other side of the road, Crawling distance.

    Please let me know so i can speak with the boss man.


  8. there would be space for you two as well.

    £10 each for the tour you can pay me on the day.

    You would need to book the campsite yourself (contact details previously in the thread).

    Only other issue is transport to and from the campsite to the tour (couple of miles) but im sure we can overcome that on the day.

  9. Perfect will confim once i have sweet talked the boss and make sure im not booked in to work Saturday.

    Is anyone bothering with Awnings? if we only do a night im not sure its worth it?
  11. We're bringing our awning just in case but now we have super tent pop top it might not be necessary :))

    Really looking forward to this one 8)
  12. Lord Charles

    Lord Charles Day's Away Mod

  13. i will have my awning - it lives in the van - but the gazebo should be ok ...
  14. Right im in! babysitters confirmed so if you could kindly include us on the tour mike and i'll get the site booked tomorrow. I'll square you on the day if thats ok .
    Oh quite excited now, something to look forward to.
  15. Its all falling into place my boss man was easily sweet talked in the end also so thats me and Amy in on the slice of action too. We will also book the site today for the Saturday night. mike if you need any money upfront i can paypal Gift if needed?

    Other than our selves and our Van is there anything else that we should bring?? i have a basket of wood in the shed, and a washing machine drum with legs for wood burning?

    looking forward to seeing you al there

    Mike i will PM you my number incase its needed.


  16. this will be a good day ....

    Mike - can you just confirm what the latest time I need to be at the CAMPsite is?
    I am aiming for 11am - ish!
  17. Vw Cooper + 1
    Woking Gaz + 1
    All confirmed.

    Just a quicky you two - Organsising transport and wondering if you two's other halfs are planning on driving or not or if you all require a lift. Please let me know so I can prepare either ways


    first run to the brewery starts at 12.00.

    Likely we will have to do two runs.
  18. Ok I have booked the site for us and Gaz and will probably arrive at around 11am to get set up/positioned etc.
    Unfortunately Amy is not insured on the camper and even if she was her legs would not reach the pedals due to the Saab seats, but even more unfortunate is that she loves Ale, I am not a massive Ale fan but will force it upon my self and maybe i will be turned.

    I am not sure if Tracy is insured on gaz's camper and not sure if Gaz would let her drive it so cannot speak for them.

    Does the Hogs back only do Ale?? or do they do lagers and ciders as well?

    Happy to Chip in for a 7 seter Taxi there and back if needed.

    I havent discussed it with Gary but potentially he might bring the Golf as well and maybe tracey will drive as she i dont think she is an Ale fan, as said though i will let Gary respond to that as i cannot talk for them..

    Push comes to shove i will do tasting only rather than drinking.

    Hope that helps a little??


  19. Wicked ... I plan to head off at 9am and think it will be about 2 hrs to get to the CAMPsite.
  20. evening all, Tracy is not insured on the van so she cant drive that. Im quite happy to grab a cab or something or if 2 trips are running maybe there'll be space to hop in. See how it goes when we get there but as i say a i'll get a cab if need be.
    Really looking forward to it and it helps that hogs back TEA is my alltime favourite beer..... mmmm mmmm :)

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