TLB Hogsback Brewery Tour and Camping - Farnham - 30-1 March 2012

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  2. The Lift List

    Mike 4
    Mike 4 mate Rich
    Mrs Horts
    Die schnecke bus
    Mrs HO
    Mr HO
    Charlie Abbott
    CA + 1
    CA + 1

    Total 14 people

    Designated Driver Volunteers
    Birdy can take 3
    Mrs Mike4 can take 4
    Mike4's Brother Mrs can take 3
    I will volunteer for driving duties - Mike 4 - As many people who dont mind cramming in.

    Total 14

    Job Done.

    I have spoken to the camp site this morning. People who dont arrive before 4.30 on the day of arrival will need to call in advance and get the codes for the campsite (or call one of us and we will get you in)
  3. Hang on a minute!!!!!

    Marrowak is on the list twice!!!!!!
  6. Honky

    Honky Administrator

    Does anyone know if fire pits are allowed?
  8. I think we're going to need them after how cold it was Saturday night :cold:

    I was planning to bring ours anyway...

    If we paid the deposit can anyone remember how much we still owe? I can't remember how much deposit was!

    What time is our brewery tour? - I am in desperate need of a lie-in after our holiday, jet-lag and VolksWorld!
  9. I have no idea - I paid £10 I think .... I am lost with this one...

    I am going to head up on Sat AM and meet everyone at the CAMPsite at midday if that's ok?
  10. Will check on queries raised and get back to you all.
  11. Paerhaps someone can steal Dave and Liz's propex whilst they're not looking? ;)
  12. Oooo let me think about that :thinking:

    Umm NO!!!! :moon: ^-^
  14. So with HorTs around i'd say No 8)
  15. Honky

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  16. He'll be there for summer camp!
  17. FIRE!
  19. Guys i should have got in on this one sooner. Longshot but do you think there could any more space. I could pop in to the site and sort that if they've got space but im not sure on the tour limits? Just been talking to tracy and reacon we could send the kids to the grandparents for the night! It would be kinda strange as its under 10 minutes from my house but what the hell!
  20. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly


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