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  1. Country ladies you say?
    Played this loud while parking the camper in management parking spaces at the front of the building (the security chaps were good friends) to clear my desk following my 'voluntary redundancy' :D
  2. Ha, no 'Ballad of Lucy Jordan' (I did wonder why you posted it twice :rolleyes: )
    Brilliant! I think I remember Chuck Berry playing there. aaah he was probably rubbish.... Probably :D
    I also had tickets to see Don Williams there.... I don't just go to country gigs, honest :oops: ….. and managed to double book so never got to see him...
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  3. yeah, he probably was... i vaguely remember the tickets costing as much as my rent! :eek: i was more gutted i'd forgotten than the bf, luckily he has an ace sense of humour!

    mus admit the dylan/young gig did look tempting but... maybe i see if i know anyone working it. all those ex students OWE me! :D
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  4. Ah now that is a classic! Love a bit of Dolly Parton.
    Again, reiterating I really don't just go to country gigs, she was probably one of the best people I've ever seen live - purely for the audience interaction. She talked as much as she sang, and seemed really genuine.
    Just to get it out there, I've also seen Glen Campbell.
    I think that might be it though. (Do Ward Thomas count as they're a bit modeeeeern?!)
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  5. You know people who work Hyde Park?? I'm impressed! I go every year, pretty much, the lighting is always astounding. Last year for Roger Waters, amazing. :thumbsup:
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  6. awwww, i wanted to see glen when he played Leicester (or nottingham, i forget) and my mates/colleagues relentlessly took the wee out of me because 'they're mums were going'... and tix had sold out :(

    a live show is nothing without the theatricality/stage presence, hence dylan getting slammed for standing sideways and mumbling through his uk tours! most live events are ace, being a part of them is as important as the act imho :)
  7. not sure yet, will put some feelers out and find out who owes me/ who i've got dirt on etc :D
    the techie world is quite a small one really and a loyal family :thumbsup:
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  8. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    Having seen both Bob and Neil many times over the years I can say you'll never know what you're going to get on any given night. One night it could be nearly all as you know it from their albums the next an electrified version that bares no resemblance to the song you know.
  9. I agree, and that would be my gripe against Bob - he wasn't even at the front of the stage when I saw him last. At the end of the day, it's a show, and that is as much a part of it as the music.
    I walked out of a Dexys Midnight Runners gig for the same reason (and also because he point blank refused to play Geno or Come on Eileen!)
    So just because I can.....
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  10. no way! i'm not surprised you walked! i think it's fine for them not to cover their older stuff as long as they state it clearly before people book/buy tickets... but they don't because they know they'd lose sales. bah, bloody luvvies!

    the large arena shows are as much about the spectacle as they are about the person/band/performer... i hate bono and U2 but their shows are spectacular. would love to see peter gabriel when he dd the upside down magnetic boot walk thing. it's a SHOW!

    ... i don't do 'precious performers' very well, you may have noticed. obviously if i'm working with them they have no idea what i'm thinking o_O:rolleyes:
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  11. oh yes! i'd forgotten about that! I had my nottingham students working on her gig a few years ago... little scrotes had never heard of her. obviously i failed them on THAT basis alone! i didn't meet her :(
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  12. I'm just home, finally. It seems like there is a lot to catch up on, and some tunes.

    I'll have to take a photo of Bagpuss tomorrow so I don't wake anyone up using the flash.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the show, I definitely am out of practice. Thanks everyone for helping choose the tuned too.

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  13. I bought the forever young book for my nephews... prep school seems to be prematurely ageing their little selves :( and it has an orangey beetle illustration in it! :thumbsup:
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  14. It was fabulous and we enjoyed it muchly :thumbsup:
    now crack on and provide the tlb collective with regular entertainment :D
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  15. In fairness, Dexys were at a festival, so it wasn't like I'd paid to see them specifically - but considering they hadn't released an album for about 30 years, I felt it was a bit off announcing at the start that they wouldn't be playing any of the stuff that had got them the bloody gig in the first place. and the new stuff was pants!
    I don't do Arena gigs very often, in fact the British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park is pretty much the only one I go to; the festivals I frequent tend to be quite small too. I kind of like to be able to see the person I've paid for, not just on a video screen.

    I'm not a huge U2 fan either, and Bono can definitely do one, but The Joshua Tree is one of my Top 10 albums.

    What's the difference between Bono and God?

    God doesn't walk round Dublin thinking he's Bono
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  16. I thought I did already, with the party bus

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  17. Yes. We want more, we want more, we want more!
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  18. HA! i love it... i actively hate Bono (the stage persona, not knowing him IRL)... but they put on a damn fine spectacle of a show and *begrudgingly* some good music. I saw 'a clockwork jaffa' at the barbican with phil 'parklife' daniels playing the lead (late 80's, i think) and bono and the edge (i don't think those were the names their mothers gave them) did the arrangements for it and it was bloody brilliant!

    i get that some performers have to adopt a persona, i just don't like it and now choose whether i put up with it or not.

    I saw Morrissey a few years ago, not because i was desperate to - though the smiths were a part of my youth- but because 1) his lighting is brilliant because he's a narcissist and 2) at the time he kept collapsing/ having outbursts/ stropping off stage... i thought it may have been my last chance to see him live.
    Sadly not, and we now have to put up with his right-wing evacuations and demise as he disappears up his own exclusionary backside. bah.

    how nice would it be to tell him 'i only went to your gig because i thought you'd be dead soon' :D
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  19. ha ha ha ha, that's brilliant. Morrisey wouldn't be high on my list of 'must see' artists either, but like you, The Smiths were part of my teenage years and therefore at least partly instrumental in the formation of that which is now me. He is definitely so far up his own arse he has long since been able to see daylight. Like Bono.
    I suppose it is somewhat ironic that the Joshua Tree which I like so much is the album that turned U2 into a band that I no longer like.
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