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  1. Its a chicken or egg thing. do you use it the way you do because that's how you cope or do you use it to live in! Theres no correct answer. Plus I can see why people don't cook in there, I can see why people might not have a sink, a fridge or even a bed. But then you've got to weigh up whether you just want a bay or whether you want a camper.

    years of camping with four of us in the van in places with unpredictable weather resulted in what I have now. I stripped it back to bare minimum a couple of years ago taking an awning and all the necessary camping gear. what a bleedin palarva and I ended up going back to a more traditional approach with a cooker, fridge, sink, water storage and for emergency use (only) a portable toilet. It takes up far less room than carrying all that stuff about just loosely in the back! and after all its actually a camper.

    It really is each the their own. I wouldn't, not , have a poptop and although I will use an awning if its needed id rather not!

    As for modern buses the attraction grows for me having renewed my love of the lakes but being nowhere near it and not having enough leisure time to travel and enjoy it whilst there im more and more tempted to buy something that will get me there quicker, in more comfort that the mrs can pilot as well.
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    I agree, and I hesitated before I posted my reply, as there really is no correct answer about how someone should go camping, what they take with them or what vehicle they use. My reply was purely from my own perspective and is no more valid than anyone else's.
  3. Oh Jesus what have I started.

    Thanks for the replies. Think for me personally it will be a pop. Having said that if I find a nice straight tinny is it major expense and hassle to have someone fit a pop roof to it?
  4. Buy a camper if thats what you want.
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  5. I know i was expanding really. Its also worth noting thateven with poptop roof it cab still be difficult. I binned my front hinged westy as we used the roof bed with the kids and with that down its even lower than a tintop in the middle, or it seems so. Did my back in a couple of times trying to do stuff beneath the bed when kids were up there asleep. That was enough.
  6. If you want a pop top then buy one already converted it will be better for you and less hassle in the long run. Plus it will save a cool tintop from being ruined :thumbsup:
    In answer to your original question though I have had a tintop for about 5 years and use it as a daily and to camp in. I wouldn't swap it for a pop top, but for comfort and practical camping I would have a westy as a spare for camping.
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  7. awning with my tinny - only takes 10 -15 minutes to put up and we can put all the junk in it and then drive away when we want to.
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  8. I know but you could do that with a car and a tent. Its the love of the tintop by their owners that ive got a lot of respect for. And they do look great!
  9. Yeah its expensive and a major hassle don't make that mistake :thumbsup:
  10. Or just get one of each :thumbsup:
  11. Who was it had a sunroof job and used a pop up tent over it with the bottom cut out. Inspired!
  12. I have a tin top with an awning. Works for me. Less to go wrong, stiffer van with no hole in the roof and no leaks. I like it. Also I can park my van in my garage if need be.
  13. Buy a nice jaffa tin top with a Subaru engine, then adda poptop if you feel it needs it.
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  14. I think having a Bay and doing what you want with it is the attraction.

    I like going to vw events as there you see all sorts, colours and flavours of vans. Some like to keep to stock, but most seem to have personalised (customized) them and they are fun.

    Best event for me is Brighton Breeze with hundreds of vans all different, some very quirky.

    That's what I love about Bays.
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    As I'm quite short I'm not bothered about having a pop top. Sun roof does the trick as long as it's not raining. I can't see how much difference there can be between a pop top and tin top, apart from standing, as you can fit the same amount of beds, camper interior in both. Unless you use beds in the pop top.

    I use an awning if for more than 1 night :). Tin tops look fabber - IMHO :)
  16. Now we know.....If you see @Lord Congi standing out of the sunroof he may be having a wee in the sink..... Make sure you shut the curtains Dave

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  17. I beg to differ or possibly not having reread that!
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  18. It was Dave & Liz (Majorhangovers) :D
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  19. Or a Tom tit :thumbsup:
  20. Surely you'd sit down ??. So no pop top required for a tom tit ?

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