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Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by rustbucket, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Might be a silly question. But if you only want to be able to use your camper as a two berth. Do you actually need a pop top?

    What I'm getting at is does the restricted height of a tin top become an issue. Do you need a pop just to be able to move around comfortably on an extended stay?

    Are tin tops only really practical as daily drivers, day vans and wedding cars?

  2. We have a tintop. Its fine, we use an awning when we go camping, no problems with it at all!
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  3. It can be hard to get changed, cook, go to the toilet when you cant stand up that's why my tin top has a sunroof :thumbsup:
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  4. Baysearcher

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    Tin-tops look better but are nowhere near as practical as a pop-top.
    Imagine a weeks holiday where you can only move around the bedroom / kitchen / living room bent almost double. No thanks.
  5. davidoft

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    I have a tintop, used it for 4/5 years camping, it's fine, I just sit down to cook and roll round on the bed to get dressed, easy peasy :)
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  6. Baysearcher

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    .... I remember a recent conversation when you were considering adding a pop-top!
  7. I like the tin tops, you're best off getting a decent awning, that way you can do what you've gotta do in there, cooking, getting dressed and the rest? I wouldn't buy anything too big though as it can be a pain setting it up on your own.
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  8. davidoft

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    That's for the children ;)
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  9. Tin top OK for a weekend IMO. Then you can't wait to get home. Been there, done it.
    Conversely I spent 4 months camping in poptop version this year and was sad when it ended.
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  10. jivedubbin

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    but your only 4ft tall
  11. When did it end?
  12. We have a tin top and find camping in this ok, (but we are not tall), and spend most of the time in the awning. We have a quick erect Khyam which one person can put up and down quickly. We have camped for many four night trips but this year have bought a awning bedroom and air beds for longer trips away as the bed does give us back ache after three nights. Like the fact that a tin top has a nice close fitting car like roof inside where as a flip/pop/tilt has a lot of 'workings' on show, but I am only jealous!
  13. When I bought a boat.
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  14. I had a tintop , went to scotland etc did'nt feel much different ,think you need a poptop for kids if you don't have an awning..:hattip:
  15. I'd have agreed 10 years ago, now I'm older and more cronky.
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  16. Theres a theme for tin top users. Awning...awning.....awning. That should answer your question. My bus is possibly a bit extreme but im over 6 foot and cant reach the highest bit of the roof when its up when im stood inside. Its designed for pogoing to punk music. The mrs can stand up with the roof down! I can , sort of. They do make a significant difference even when not raised.
  17. we have a tin top and it only has a 3/4 bed aswell, gets a bit cramped with both of us and then the 2 dogs fighting over any space left on the bed....
    sit to cook not bad for getting dressed(how hard can it be to put on shorts and t shirt).
    would consider a pop top for me to sleep in, in comfort.
  18. you can sleep upstairs in mine, leave the luggage in the boot, the downstairs as a lounge dining area and still have room for another couple of people... but then again it does look carp by comparison!
  19. Awning is the way forward as already stated. I've camped in my tintop with my kids without the awning but use the awning when the Mrs comes.
    Getting dressed in a tintop is an art form but easily doable just sit on on the bed. Peeing is like the uncle buck movie :thumbsup:
    I always cook outside so that's never been a problem.
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  20. sANDYbAY

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    If I HAD to take an awning with us when we went camping to make it reasonably comfortable I think I'd sell the camper and buy a car and a tent. In my opinion the campervan scores over tents because all you need to do is put the handbrake on and pop the top. The campervan scores over motorhomes because you can drive into city centres and use multi story car parks and fit into an ordinary car space.
    The T4/5/6 vans score over my old T2 because they are cheaper to run and much easier to drive, personally though I enjoy the romance of running an old van more.

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