This looks good.

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    The Wurzels .

    Tempted by the Wurzels
  2. I really want to go but everytime I've emailed them I've had absolutely no reply, must be 6 or 7 times now. :(
  3. To do what?
  4. H

    I see they have an 'exclusive' van camp area did you try this? Will have two young boys so don't know whether to go for van camp area which is by the river or the family area or the quiet area?
  5. Anyone else ....
  6. Just me then !
  7. Just seen your thread, see what you mean although yours does look good have you been before? Bit early for Halloween though ?
  8. I went a few years back when it used to be in Cheddar and it was a good show. I know people who have been to the new venue and they say it's excellent.
  9. Hav
    have you booked this years yet
  10. Well I'm here .... Is anyone else ?
  11. Shame! It's fab!
  12. I live 7 miles away and I can hear it!!!!
  13. Seen Showaddywaddy?
  14. Yep they were brilliant
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