This looks good.

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  1. Poptop2

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    Well done that man. :thumbsup:
  2. I've written to them and asked for our own area and a substantial discount, watch this space...........
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  3. rickyrooo1

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    worth a try, they can only say no.
  4. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator is very popular.
  5. I know its bad but I look at every show now as a potential pitch for Poptopkitchen
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  6. Showaddywaddy played last year and back again this year:)
  7. Hmmm, I'm tempted by this too, looks good, and if there's a group of us going then it could be fun. I will watch what the outcome of TBR's email is......
  8. Only 10 miles from me gets a good review every year this :thumbsup:
  9. We are possible maybes. We are away the week leading up to it and fancy the idea of tacking it on the end of our holiday.
  10. jivedubbin

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    looks like a possible
  11. could well be up for this....
  12. Guys for £600 you get 10 tickets (600 is the price for 8 then you get 2 free)
    I would be up for it if we can ten people?
  13. Any joy?
  14. Myself and Mrs FB would be up for this, love Upton and a nice 120 mile run for Ellie May!
  15. I'll have another go, no response yet.
  16. We might be able to do this one.looks good

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