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  1. 24.05.2020

    Continue with the engine build - bought new points etc so fitted them and installed the coil:


    Installed the plug leads also using the old plugs, but due to get new plugs tomorrow so will get them fitted:


    Fitted the engine support bar too:



    Cleaned up the flywheel so ready to add this and the new clutch to the engine this week.

    Got the old battery on charge so will look to install that also.

    Started to get worried now, if after all this hard work, nothing works (I feel the wiring will need to be replaced……..) as I have made a mistake with the engine rebuild!!!
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  2. Good and not so good today :(

    Good - serviced the wife's car this morning so should be good for another 8K miles or so.
    Finished the decorating also, so the hall, stairs and landing finished - phew.
    Put 1 litre of engine oil in and so far no leaks (I know when the engine is running things will be different due to oil pressure!!)

    Not so good - swapped the old spark plugs with new and may have cross threaded 2 of the holes (1 in each cylinder bank).
    Plus, couldn't find the gearbox earth strap I bought last week - put it down somewhere and now gone !!
  3. 06-06-2020

    Today, I attempted to make sure the timing was OK and also check the gaps on the valves.

    Had issues with the turning of the engine and thanks for Zedders from here, he suggested putting the flywheel back on…….

    So I had to get the engine off the engine stand and onto my workmate single handed (well the cat supervised) before getting the flywheel on - also thought I would change the crank seal.





    End Float is good now!
    Fit the clutch next and a few other things in the engine bay
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  4. That shim looks a bit battered.
    I hope you oiled the seal and the flywheel sealing surface.
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  5. It does but it is fine and yes all surfaces oiled before reassembly
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  6. Is it the pic/my eyes or do the the dowel holes look a bit oval?
  7. I think one of them has a slight ovality to it but once the flywheel was in place all was good - lets see how it fair once I get it turning over.
  8. Are any of the dowels wobbly in there holes?
  9. Nope - all seem to be very solid
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  10. 10.06.2020

    Found the misplaced gearbox earth strap :)


    While the engine was out and I was rooting in the van for stuff, noticed the front tinware so decided to fit it - needed some fettling but on in the end.





    Also needed to put another hole in the metal work to allow the starter motor cable to reach the battery :)

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  11. 14.06.2020

    Took the washer bottle and the remote brake reservoir off to give them a check and clean.


    The bracket that holds the washer bottle to the inside of the van was a we bit worse for ware so tidied it up and sprayed some paint on it - before pics.



    Will have to keep you in suspense as I have no after pics yet :)

    This is the metal slider - on the offside interior where the seat base goes on and the table slides into - it was buckled and also so of the metal had given way so this was after I straightened it some and before a spot of weld was added.



    After some weld put on and ground back. Will need a bit more adding but should be good and strong when finished and I should be able to straighten out the metal a bit better.


    Realised that when I built up the rear of the van, an earth point had snapped so I had ground it back but never put another one on - when the wiring is fed to the rear, a couple of wires I believe go to this earth post so I make one.


    Welded in - needs more grinding to be done.

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  12. Had a spare hour this afternoon so decided to try the electrics.
    Shoved the battery in and found a point to connect the earth. Connected the positive to the starter with the ignition cable. Connected the other side of the starter up but will have to knock something proper up as these cables are female push connectors.

    Turned the ignition on and no pops or bangs so a good start.
    What works - pulled the hazard warning button out and it flashes. The only indicator light that flashed was the offside rear. When I used the indicator and pushed up (for right), again the only one that worked was the offside rear - when the stalk was pulled down, nothing.

    Twisted the windscreen wiper button and they worked, put it on high speed and it stayed the same.

    Pulled the knob for the headlights, in the dash the light came on but none of the lights lit.
    Pulled the knob again for main beam and no light in the dash or in the headlights.

    Checked the fuses and the last 5 all measured 12.3 volts (same as the battery).

    Will need to do some more checks (also, the starter motor didn't work when I turned the key fully). This is going to be fun but I suspect that the wiring loom is foobar'd to be honest.
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  13. 17.06.2020

    Thought I would have another look at the electrics.

    Battery in and all connected (remember, no engine it yet).

    Ignition on and let’s get testing :)

    Turn to engage the starter motor and nothing.

    Short the terminals on the starter and it flies into action?

    Sidelight on - not much. Could see that the nearside rear light was missing a cable and found one with no connector on it - temp fix and correct lights on the rear were on plus the front.

    Pulled the switch for the main beam and all good at the front.

    Pulled the hazard light switch and all indicators flashing.

    Hazard switch off, push the indicator switch up for turning right - both front and back indicators flashing.

    Pull indicator switch down for turning left, nothing - no lights flashing or noise from the relay……..

    Will continue at the weekend.
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  14. If your engine is not in isn't the starter motor missing one of its bearings?
  15. The front support bush is in the gearbox
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  16. I'm getting myself back to front
  17. Yep - all supported in the gearbox so no issues :)
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  18. Last night I had another look and pulled the indicator switch from the steering column and the dash binacal so Icould check the wiring.
    Very strange - I can see that the right cable connection (black/green) is always 12v, but the left cable connection (black/white) is at 0v.

    When I pull the emergency flasher switch, all lights flash and I can see that the left cable alternates between 12v and 0v as expected (due to the relay/timer)

    So - scratching head as to what next!!!!

    Also, changed the spring in the gearbox for the clutch for a new one - when the clutch pedal is depressed it still doesn't pop back up - so will it be different when the actual clutch and engine is mounted?
  19. As an aside to all the issue, just ordered 2 cab doors (need a bit of tidying) as the current ones are way past salvaging.......

    I will look to get them on before winter to help protect it from the elements better than what the current doors do (or don't as the case may be)
  20. Will it ever end!
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