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  1. Gus' a clue !!
  2. [​IMG]
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  4. Found one on Amazon - £8 plus £4 for delivery :thumbsup:
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  5. Nice one
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  6. Cheers :)
  7. Got a link? I need one too.
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  10. 20.07.2019

    After painting the cargo floor and leaving it to dry I started to lay some sound deadening stuff (plus will help to make sure the floor is level when I put the flooring in.


    Rain stopped play so will hopefully get it done tomorrow.
  11. 13.07.2019

    Continued adding the sound deadening stuff and decided to cover the whole floor - but ran out.

    Managed to cover around one third of the floor so will have to get some more next week.

    Pics of it so far:


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  12. 15.07.2019

    Continued added the sound deadening stuff (again) - around ¾ now so hoping to finish tomorrow and then think about putting the interior back in :)


    Also finished off spraying the cargo front air vent:


    How it looks in-situ:

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  13. 16.07.2019

    99% finished the floor - just have a few areas to finish off then all ready for the next stage :)

  14. 17.07.2019

    Hurrah. The new tool worked at removing the nut so here is the oil filler and breather tube in all its removed glory :)


    After an hour of sanding down etc here it is removed of all its paint and stuff:


    After a few coats of paint:



    Onwards and upwards!!
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  15. 18.07.2019

    Received the Y heater pipe from Schofields today and to say I am underwhelmed is an understatement :(

    Quality of the metal is very poor and as to the welding…….. Oh dear:



    Also, would need some serious wrapping to keep the hot aire flowing through it as it appears to be holier than a sieve - a view looking down the it from the single pipe end:


    Sent a message to them to complain - they said that they don’t manufacture them so are not accountable for the quality and that I can send it back (they don’t say!!)

    Will ask if they have any better ones on the shelf as I would like to get it sorted.

    yellow snowed off :(
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  16. That's what mine's like too. Just tacked together. If your cross members and floor are already in then you will need to chop it up anyway to fit it over the beam.
  17. Yep - know that but all the seams let light through so will need sealing etc - loads of work for something that cost over £100 :(
  18. That doesn’t look great does it
    I thought they were supplied in section for you to assemble on the van.
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  19. Mine was a little rough, but not as bad as that! I just seam sealed the crap out of it!
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