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Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by abby, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Seems a mish mash to me ,never seen a LHD with a devon roof ,plus you will then need an interior fitting, fridge,cooker etc,
  2. Dosent look right to me.
  3. bernjb56

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    It doesn't look right to me either Dave - might just be bad collection of pictures. I wonder where else it's for sale.
  4. Baysearcher

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    "Heater channels need fixing". That saves a job as buses don't have heater channels...
  5. Hmmm! Very glad I asked now!! I've not seen it elsewhere either yet.. and I'm looking in A LOT of places too. Ebay, gumtree, preloved, volksworld, classic cars, camper & commerical, here...
  6. Also my bus is LHD and the aerial is on the other side.
  7. good point!
  8. If you like that colour buy @Lardy 's
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  9. What engine does it have ... if they answer Type 1 just hang up ... you don't want one of them under powered unreliable engines

    How old is it? Not as silly as it seems if its 72 or 73 might be a 'cross over' and have some early parts like the steering box.
  10. bernjb56

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  11. Crumbs £5500 off in little over a month.
  12. Might be even more when @lucasd13 reads this thread :D
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  13. I'm off to hide :)
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  14. @abby I am in Essex too if you wanted to view our '74 Westie when over this way
  15. Me too, I'll be in Dent :D (ok, wishful thinking) :(
  16. No interior as such
    No fuel gauge
    No heat

    No thanks
  17. @abby where are you based?
  18. TPU is an original Essex registration. LHD isn't. Just saying.
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