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Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by abby, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Hello all,

    Still a newbie here, but after some advise please :)?

    I am still on the search for the right camper... a problem I am having is that apparently there are very few people selling anywhere near me! Therefore I need a bunch of information before I drive 3+ hours to view it. What sort of questions should I be asking? What sort of areas do I want photographs of? Anything glaringly obvious I should look out for?

    As you can tell, I haven't owned one before... but this is what I am currently asking sellers:
    * What recent work has been completed?
    * Any ongoing issues?
    * VIN number?
    * Send photographs of rust, engine bay, underneath

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
  2. How much is it?

    Add cab floor to your photo request
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  4. Where are you based Abby and secondly, where is the camper based you wish to view?

    Someone on here might be good and meet you/assist you
  5. "How fast does it go mister?"
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  6. Thanks @Baysearcher ! I did have a look first but obviously blind as a bat.

    @MorkC68 I am in Cheshire, this particular T2 is in Brentwood, Essex.
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    will u part chop for me mates old beetle innit bruv?
  8. There are a few knowledgeable guys down that way, maybe post a thread up asking for help in General Chat?

    Have you got any links to the bus?
  9. What Oil do you use?
    Can you take the engine out by undoing 4 bolts?
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    "How easy is it to put a Porsche engine in"?
  11. Good idea @MorkC68 , thank you! This is the bus I am looking at... My first thought is that it looks fantastic! But if I found an unloved solid bus, could I save some money by doing it up myself?
  12. I had the same problems when looking for ours 2 years ago. We are in West Lancs and looked all over Lancashire and Gtr Manchester - eventually found ours in Formby , just 10 miles away! take someone with who knows what they are looking for .
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    :lol: She's new guys, remember what the boss said. We have to pretend to be caring sensible grown ups for their first day on here. :)
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    Thank you :hattip:
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    sorry dad :oops:
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    Strange selection of pictures in the ad - none of the finished interior.
  17. It doesn't look bad tbh, most of the work is done. The faults he highlighted can easily be sorted.

    If you bought an unloved bus, it may cost you more..our '73 certainly did, by a lot!
  18. I apologies. I will not do it again. :oops:
  19. Maybe that's how it comes?

    It wouldn't put me off tbh, but I'd want it reflecting in the price!
  20. I like that bus. Seems like a decent price.

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