The paravan goes wild camping

Discussion in 'Wild Camping' started by paradox, Apr 12, 2012.

  2. I was at my mums wedding dude and there wasent a moment to spare all weekend

    It did cross my mind a few times as did a walk up rivington

    Looking back at my youth i used to walk from daisy hill to rivington pike and back in a day without so much as a packed lunch

    How times change eh?
  3. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

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  10. As for Rivi, used to go there regularly on a summers eve, parked the bus up and had some tea. (and a little afternoon delight prior to the kids) ;)
  11. I left in 95 to join the forces but arrived in daisy hill at a young age and i do remember when it was all fields

    I spent most of my summers as a lad camping and fishing at eatock pond before all the housing was built around it

    You never know we may have walked past each other
  12. So is that campsite too posh for a meet?

    Id love to get a group of late bay people up here for a few days and take them on a tour to show how loverly this area is

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