The paravan goes wild camping

Discussion in 'Wild Camping' started by paradox, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. no locations????pm the man the location then dude....i would love to camp where you did ,i also was gona ask where as id like to see them moors........when i do a lil tour in the summer ,i would love to pop down your way bruv and see you for a cup of tea ,so if theres any sites round your way ,pls would you send me all excited my bus is nearly done ,well mechanically anyway loooooool
  3. paradox

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  4. jivedubbin

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  5. looks awsome mate and im glad you and yours a getting the rewards for your hard work now!! ;D ;D
  6. Looks fantastic. Did you hear any beasts at night?
  7. paradox

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    Cheers guys

    Ill post more pics of my wildcamping and activitys if its of interest to people
  8. Keep us posted.On the look out for some local to me. ;D
  9. Zed

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    So was that just you out chillin in a manly way or were the paradiddles out too? :)

    Looks a nice spot mate - keep it to yourself - you have to find your own or it's just not the same. I have a few, but I don 't think I could get a camper anywhere near ost of them.
  10. Paradiddles 😄
  11. paradox

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  12. Birdy

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    Looks like a great place to get away from it all. Makes you sick of living in the city when you have that on your doorstep. Get out there and enjoy it all :)
  13. paradox

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  15. Birdy

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    All i do is keep a bottle to p in and I'm tainted :lol:

    It wasn't mine but Schneckle bus Rodgers. I just use a Pepsi bottle and some steady skills.
  16. rickyrooo1

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    B&M are doing 1 and a half litre bottles of lucozade with a wide neck...... for the win, or use the sink but don't forget to take the bung out.
  18. Hmm B and M
    We call into the one opposite the shop first thing for milk
    It's like a scene from the living dead
    The staff call it Bums and Morons 😄
  19. paradox

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    I used to use a sigg water bottle for water and my 58 ptn water bottle for wee wees

    The bottle birdy had in the pic i saw looked a lot easier to use inside a bus

    I wont piddle in the sink due to the paravan being a family vehicle aswell as my getaway vehicle
  20. paradox

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