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    As some of you will have read GRE88 picked up his new bus last weekend then suffered a bad fuel leak and breakdown later in the day.
    We got it dropped off at mine on Thursday and I’m doing some investigation now.
    First thing to note was it leaked fuel all over the recovery truck both times it was up at an angle!
    I knew it’d had a new carb recently and the fuel lines are all good
    Through the paint tin lid looks dry enough but there’s evidence of fuel at the base of the firewall so I suspect it’s leaking right up against the tank and only really came to light when it was filled up with fuel for the first time in a while.
    There was a slight whiff of fuel on the test drive and it was agreed it would come to me soon anyway.
    I’ve drained 20 litres of fuel out to drop the level( should keep my mower going most of next year )

    Next, it won’t turn over, not risking sparks by jumping it so battery off and on charge!

    Next, fixed the nylon block and tightened the springs after the engine lid hit me on the back of the head for the third time

    I’ll get it running tomorrow so I can move it into the workshop and pop the engine out to make life easier removing the seized screws on the firewall and save the skin on my forearms working through the hole!

  2. Lovely Duncan

    I like an investigation

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  3. Filter looks like it's holding a lot of carp
  4. davidoft

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    That clip on the engine lid whattsit needs to move around to the 2 indented bits Round the corner near the end
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  5. Well spotted. Mine was like that for years and somebody had even added a zip tie to try and help it stay open. It was a light bulb moment when I nearly poked my eyes out with the sharp bits facing outwards that I worked out what was wrong. Hence now turned inwards. camper trailer wiring2.jpg
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  6. My guess on the fuel leak is the least accessible bit of fuel filler hose going to the tank. Or the top of the tank is as rotten as some of the other metalwork in the engine bay . Engine out for sure, you cant get at it properly with it in.
  7. Yes I have done now
  8. @Chrisd, is yours on properly ??

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  9. Check out the mot history. The last mot test on 13 August mentioned both rear tyres and the spare are perished. Have the tyres been replaced? if not they should be. Seems the po spent the money on panels and paint but not a lot else.
  10. I’ve bought some tyres yes. The spare is actually alright I think it just wasn’t inflated enough for the MOT.
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  11. Now you need to slide the metal hoop/clip around to near the end of the prongs as per davidoft's post up there ^.
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  12. I’m sure, whilst tyres are definitely
    Important, the vast quantities of explosive petrol streaming out of the engine bay would’ve been a little nearer the top of your mental ‘to-do’ list at the time ;) :D
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  13. Petrol puring out can be stopped with a Jubilee clip and a bit of silicone on a good day.

    And if its absolutely going everywhere if there arent any sparks around ( e.g. electronic ignition and all wires tight) there is nothing hot enough on the outside of a normally running engine to set fire to it..if you keep driving your bus isnt sitting in a puddle of petrol either.....
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  14. True, Mike, true..... but I bet it’s bloody scary all the same ;)
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  15. yeah on your first day of driving it too!
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  16. This rather dark photo may show it just a bit better! IMG_3701 (600x800) (2).jpg
  17. If you’d read the other thread you’d know the MOT was done between sale agreed and collection so all good, but thanks for you input!!
  18. @Lasty, thanks for thinking of me...luckily it did not clobber you as it has done to me a few times. I think it is the right way round but still a bit s##te.

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  19. First job get it running, no ignition light and won’t turn over.
    Bulb blown and battery 11.2v, new bulb and spare battery fitted, fired up straight away , so that explains the breakdown.

    Then the joy of realising it’s type4 with access hatch no need to drop the engine.
    Drained a further 2 gallons of fuel out, that’s 7 in total plus what’s already leaked so it was pretty full at crisis point!
    Removed the carb, dizzy cap and coil and the firewall and tank come out, just.
    Top filler rubber wasn’t that bad till I ragged it out but obviously wasn’t great either, might have contributed to the smell but it wasn’t leaking from there.
    Bottom rubber is crazed on the outside but doesn’t appear split right through from inside so looking at the staining on the tank I’d say top right breather was main culprit when the tank was brimmed and the bus on any angle![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Tank looks clean as a whistle inside but I’ll check it properly tomorrow, outlet pipe is a bit crusty!
  20. They always do until daylight appears

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