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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Paul Weeding, Aug 25, 2011.

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    I find 1/2 a day every 2 weeks is more realistic when your self employed
  2. I have to leave mine at home or I'd find something to improve every day and never get any work done.
    I generally have a couple of solid days on it if needed, then leave it at home for a couple of months. Partial engine rebuild coming up, but have to get ahead first.
    Now the Paravan is done you should find it easier. :)
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  3. Think I'm going to have to work out a list of body parts that I need... I can add them onto other orders one at a time then!! :)
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  4. Been looking at the new front suspension set-up too (was doing some measuring in the front arch) the other day... gonna enjoy putting that together :D :lol:
  5. just a thought that crossed my mind reading through this thread.....have you ever thought of doing doors tailgate, slider etc. out of Aluminium?....
    My grandad used to work for Booth's Steel in Bolton, and 'Young Mr. Booth' as they used to call him, was into his single seater sports cars......he had one of the fitters make a lotus of some description out of Ali....lots of stretching and shrinking, but looked fabulous....

    As the doors on the bus aren't structural, it'd be feasible to do them in Ali....big job breaking out, but would be nice....
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  6. Aluminium is a skill set all on its own!! :eek:

    It'd take some time, and I'd probably need to get some more tools in (English wheel for one) but it could be done :thinking:

  7. i just work like hell then take a week off...:D

    The world is not going to crash because I cannot be ar88sd and want time to work on my van/house etc..:D

    I had a mate who was self employed in Cornwall he had 7 vans waiting to get repaired ,he had a excuse for everyone not been started/completed ,he ended up making rabbit hutches and not answering the phone...:D

    Now he works for someone and gets holidays and he has finally got his own van...:hattip:
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    Did you ever finish the fish?

    ....and where have all your pics gone :(
  9. Gonna be moving it to the new place soon :thumbsup:

    Unfortunately I had to sheet it up outside to keep some jobs moving at my old place, and once you stick a sheet on something like that, it's a pain to do a couple of hours work here n there!!

    Pictures will be the curse of facebook, and them updating the hosting links, so all of the links go dead... I'll have to get them all on photo bucket and re-link them all in!! :cool:
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  10. Diddymen

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    I know what you mean, I've got mine under a cover and its a hassle when I want to take it out or do any jobs on it.

    hope the new place works out well for you, and you'll have plenty more space :thumbsup:
  11. Think how long it would take if it were a major and not just a mini resto.:)
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  12. :lol:

    This isn't exactly mini any more, but that said it's still mini stuff compared to some restos :thumbsup:
  13. Just gone through the whole thread and updated all of the dead picture links :cool:
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  14. Terrordales

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    And about time you slacker.
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  15. Took me a few goes to get it all done, and I had to upload about a hundred photos to photobucket :eek:

    But done now... Next update will be van at new place ;)
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  16. Very nice too, but have you done any work on it? Poor thing, I'm surprised the wheels still go round. :D
  17. Don't be silly.. Been in the new place nearly a year now :eek: and the van is 55 miles away :eek:
  18. Terrordales

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    Broke down probably.:rolleyes:
    Bloody unreliable things. :mad:
  19. Engine is like 50ft away from the van, and the gearbox is under the bench in the new shop :lol:

    Very broken down ;)
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  20. By the time you get cracking again Paul, our 73 will have had its second resto :eek: :lol:
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