The elite posh single/double cab section

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  1. [​IMG]Mabel just before I sold her to make way for the Syncro doka
  2. Has anyone on here put pop out side windows in their crew cabs?
  3. saw this on fb

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    I hope it's got more than a 1600 in it?
  5. scooby....dooo...

  6. Can only be driven in Milton Keynes.........................
  7. my daily


    With new Bling
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  8. Not jealous at all......
  9. Nice doka there way2cool
  10. Nice SA Import??
  11. Can I add Newt? He's not posh!

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    I like that you've gone for cab roof height rather than the raised more common ones.
    Mine will be the same but home made and as scruffy as the rest of the bus !
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  13. Thanks - we thought roof height would be more in keeping with the look we were trying to achieve.

    We wouldn't have a clue how to make one ourselves :)
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  14. No ,not from SA
    Delivered new to Tasmania,then I purchased in 2006 and brought it to Western Australia
  15. I ran this rear section for a few years...
    made using a '74 front roof section,to match the car, which I have spun around ,keeping the rear curved look happening ,added alloy lids etc.
    It is a one piece unit that takes about 5 minutes to put on or remove,using the factory fit points on the deck and rear of the cab.
    Great for camping or as a Tradie-mate lockup.

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  16. Hi Guys

    Some advice please regarding parts for my daughters 79 crewcab.


    Do we need some of these and where do they go??

  17. I dont recognise them from mine, be interested to hear what they are if anyone knows
  18. Apparently they are heat shields/ firewall that go in front of or maybe above fuel tank?
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    They're defo on single cabs, back of the treasure chest in front of the tank.
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  20. Might have to check if ive got those as well

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