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  1. went to coolair today...and bigrich mentioned that crossovers dont have the removal back make it easier to remove engine.....mine does....made in sep 71 shipped to gb dec 1971....any vw memory men wanna share the difference in Shape ..size....and bits..cheers
  2. mine is 72 but it dont
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    you have a girly early Johnnie, Soz mate Big R is right!
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  4. might as well change me back lights to early ones now....
  5. Mine doesn't have one either
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    I'm intrigued to see this. Can you post up some pictures??

    The whole of the rear panel and the metal behind the engine lid are very different to the buses with removable panels. It could be that someone has modified it.

    Also your M codes might make for interesting reading. Nudge nudge I'd really like to work one out :lol:
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    Birdy wants to give your back end a thorough working out.

    I'd be wary he might find something you like.
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  8. Birdy can rumage away sure birdys done this one before for vwfish ????as it was his bus before it came home to the daddy....loooll...ill take a pic as its in bits .....all factory fitted no welding or nowt .....made sep 71 i think...def imported dec 71 to southhampton then bought by danbury
  9. P.s. two h in southampton oo err mrs
  10. :TTIWWP:
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