The bitter, angry and sarcastic songs thread

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  1. I know it'll come as a shock to you all, but i am not always the picture of sweetness, light and sophistication you've come to know *polishes halo, straightens stepford wife apron*

    Today, like John Cooper Clarke on 'After Dark' in 1982*, I'm in an acrimonious mood :mad: and have been playing music to reflect this... and the bitterness, wit, vitriol, passive aggression and sarcasm has really made me laugh! :D :D

    Here's a couple of really sarcastic ones that have right cheered me up today :D

    *the JCC poem would've been my first choice after finding a scratch along the camper today :mad:but i'll get done if i put it on here :oops: so i've given you enough info to google it ;)
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  2. Oi! wrong thread... ! :mad:

    Try this :p
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  3. I don't do Gloom, I'm afraid.

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  4. it's not gloom.... it's funny! listen to the lyrics :D

    Though sometimes it's the bounce around beat just needed to exorcise the grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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  6. My friends band often played weddings - thankfully the happy couple knew what they'd be getting (mostly). After the first dance she'd start the set singing this emphatically to the groom and lot's of worried guests... :D
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  7. i'm not sure my computer will allow me to click on a green day link :eek: :p

    is it witty or belt-out jump around angsty?? if i wanted misery i'd have gone straight for morrissey and wafting a gladioli around! :D
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  8. bounce around the kitchen angsty.... play it loud!

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  9. I first heard it at a funeral, but it's more upbeat than it sounds.

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  10. What about " women " by The Anti Nowhere League .;)
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  11. that doesn't convince me...
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  12. The experts at the happy upbeat sad song IMO.

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  13. Great lyrics

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  14. It's definitely not a Morrissey job.

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  15. I played a motley crue song on the show last week, this one was from they were a bit rawer.

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  16. YES, exactly! :D great lyrics (kind of:oops:) and beat descending into chaos! :thumbsup:
  17. I used to have some motley crue 'use or lose it' pants :oops::D

    unfortunately most tracks are about soured love/ relationships but they're still funny too. but jcc's peom was just perfect earlier today :D
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  18. Sometimes by the Stranglers

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