The Berlin Wall

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  1. There are some good shows on bbc4 at the moment..;)
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  2. My lasting memory of a jaunt to the East was stopping at a rest place on the transit Autobahn (having avoided the potholes, although they were democratically dug Peoples' Potholes). A young East German lad was just dying to have a look at my shiny new Manta, as ten year-old lads tend to do. His dad leapt up and just dragged him away, in case he was contaminated with Western imperialism. If they were spotted chatting, I would've been chucked back over the border after being fined (hard currency only, please), but they would've got a knock on the door later.

    It was truly a socialist paradise.
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  3. Oooh, and I did queue up for a Peoples' Burger with the army cadets at the burger van. I'm happy to report that Red Army squaddies are just as spotty and gormless as our own.
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    Are we all closet radio 4 listeners. I heard the series too. I preferred Lenny Henry’s five excerpts from his book a few weeks back though :thumbsup:
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    I’ve started watching the NBC footage of the escapes in tunnel 29
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  6. Deutschland 83 is a good series to watch as well.
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  7. Wasn’t there 2 series of Deutschland. Think the other one might have been 87 something or other. I watched the 1st one.
  8. R4 is the new rock and roll
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  9. I’m in Berlin now. Near Bornholmer Brücke.. I pass the old wall border all the time . Because the Vietnam restaurant is better than the other one side . Too many people in town now. Parties everywhere... Still the people in the east get paid less . There is discrimination of the east people still exists. My girlfriend is from the east. She says The tv shows a reality. That is very different from her reality growing up.... but now she has no banana that’s good.
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  10. [QUOTE="dubsurftones, post: 1634883,
    .. but now she has no banana that’s good.[/QUOTE]
    I'm amazed this bit hasn't resulted in a comment!
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    I'm amazed this bit hasn't resulted in a comment![/QUOTE]
    So am I ,but the usuals have probably skipped the sensible topic
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  12. Very late to the party but I’ve just listened to the first two episodes of this. Fascinating and frightening in equal measure.
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    My brother was there when they started knocking it down, we have a piece :)
  14. Peace maaaaan :D
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  15. Just another piece to go with your vast collection of valuable pieces , pieces and more pieces

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  16. [​IMG]
    Perhaps they should consider rebuilding this one

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