The Berlin Wall

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    Coming up to the 30th anniversary of it coming down in 1989.

    I knew it was a wall, I knew it divided the city of Berlin but knew very little else, for instance I thought it was built straight after ww2 not in 1961!

    I’ve just listened to a podcast that was brilliant , it told the history of the wall, the differences between living in the east or west and the lengths that people went to - to get from east to west.

    well worth a listen - just search for Tunnel 29 on your usual podcast app:thumbsup:
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  2. A few years ago i went on a stag weekend to Berlin, one of the things we did was a walking tour of the city, well worth doing if ever you get the chance
    we also did a brewery tour with the same guide another one to do if you get the chance
    will look out for the podcast :thumbsup:
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  3. Well worth remembering. I hope @bernjb56 's going to do the honours on the 9th.

    Went over to East Berlin in my younger days, when the wall was still up. Could kick myself for not bunking off work and going over when it fell. History in the making (although it seems to be repeating itself).
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  4. Herr Honecker wasn't blonde!
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    I might remember :thinking:
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  6. I know we haven’t had too many replies to this thread, but how on earth The Hoff hasn’t been mentioned yet I have no idea. :)
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  7. Watch a film on Netflix
    atomic Blonde

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  8. Has that got The Hoff in it?
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  9. Saw Roger Waters perform The Wall there. :thumbsup:
  10. Not unless he’s cross dressing as Charlise Theron

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    Get Jenny to remind you. :D
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    You used to be able to get a full set of restaurant quality East German saucepans and frypans for a carton of Marlboro in the 70's.
    I've still got a n East German Border Guard hat somewhere.
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  13. I`ve caught Tunnel 29 on the radio a couple of times - sounds like i need to listen to it all which may mean intalling an app-type thing on the jelly-bone ...:thinking:

    Can`t believe it`s 30 years , i was racing with a mate at the time and we took the bikes to Shlietz (?) in S-Eastern Germany a few months after the wall came down . A truely bizzare experience as we were treated like royalty for just turning up , they were so pleased a few of us had made the effort , their enthusiasm and hospitality was incredible .
    Up to then the only `modern` bikes they`d seen was on `illegal` tv stations and we turned up with some year old 125 and 250 pukka racing bikes - their racing stuff was limited mostly to old MZ`s converted from road bikes , all that was available to them. Humbling to see the enthusiasm of the local riders who`d spent years developing their old bikes , some were pretty quick but just didn`t handle or brake very well , they were just converted road bikes ....

    I`m rambling but the whole experience brought home the reality of what the Eastern block lived like under the soviet cosh - great people and so pleased to be joining the `modern` world :thumbsup:

    30 years ..... jeeeez :(

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  14. @Lasty , brought home the reality of not finishing your sentences? :D
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  15. @bernjb56 would literally like the hat.
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  17. Edit - shmedit ... :rolleyes:

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  18. If you’ve never been to Berlin then do it! So much to see and do!
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  19. Highly recommend tunnel 29 on the bbc sounds app.
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  20. An old friend was a BBC cameraman who went out to film the wall 'coming down'; I remember him showing us the photos he took whilst out there. The ones that didn't make it to broadcast. Incredible scenes. He sadly passed away last year, so I shall raise a glass to him later today.
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