The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. I didnt want you to feel sorry for another person having a brown poo not on the road lol
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  2. With a junction box in place there is no more whacking the paint lid on (which was ‘hit & miss’ anyway ), so I’ve added this bolt on piece:
    With the left half of the lid in situ it now just mostly gets tightened down in to position with the 2 bolts (the conduit retaining munsen has an m10-m5 reducer inside it). A few gentle taps on the larger surface area of the addition and it’s in place and not going anywhere.

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  3. Went down to the seaside, Burton Bradstock on the Jurassic Coast:
    Burton Bradstock 5 11 Oct.jpg
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  4. fitted an awning rail that lives under the poptop [​IMG]

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  5. Short break in Uplyme. Very nice campsite (Hook Farm) and sunshine. Lovely and close to the pub, the only issue being that the hill from the pub goes the wrong way!
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  6. There’s a nice walk along the river to the town.
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  7. Did you bond it on or fix it on in another way?
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  8. I'm interested as I've got one to do on mine.
  9. drilled a 1mm hole, used some 6ga x 12mm stainless self tappers, countersunk,
    sat it on a huge bead of clear silkaflex.

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  10. oh and dipped the screws into zinc primer before screwing them in to ensure any metal is protected

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  11. Could you insert rivnuts (seam sealed), then apply Loctite to the bolts?

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  12. i almost did this, but i had no countersunk bolts to prevent the awning catching on them as i pulled it through

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  13. riv nuts would work though i use them for everything else

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  14. I have a ridiculous amount of materials and fixings hoarded, yet every day I don’t seem to have that one perfect thing I need.

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  15. How did the rust form so fast and how will you stop it on the other sills like the windscreen, doors and side windows?
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  16. JamesLey

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    I'd not seam sealed around the rear hatch (not sure how I missed that).
    Our bus is kept outside year round and used a lot so no protection from the elements. I'm tucking it away this winter now I have room in the workshop alongside the bug to sort a few little issues like this.
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  17. Matrix Sentinels

    It did take all day - not including the planning.

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  18. Doesn’t look bored to me.

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  19. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Finally fitted the replacement window regulator.
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