the adventures of my 1972 ....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by art b, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. IMG_20190824_104717964.jpg

    Gender bender bike got VIP parking at the Moto GP...:)
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    A sunny potter around Cambridge..
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  9. Had a couple of hrs riding around, saw most of the city and a pub..:cool:
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  10. Are you brainy now too ? Your starter for 10
  11. In Canterbury next week..:thumbsup:

    Might peddle up your way.. Whitstable :thinking:
  12. thought I would share my folding bike
    A all alloy 70s bickerton
    8D738176-7139-4006-B17B-1CBA8112568E.jpeg FFB2F27A-2CA9-4F6D-9976-54D5A3764F42.jpeg
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  17. Still made apparently...:thinking:
  18. A600A3CA-A007-41F0-9F0F-AEF3981EFC00.jpeg
    you ain’t wrong Nipper :)
  19. They must work like a chest expander...:D
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