Tell us about your new engine Snotty.

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by zedders, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. Come on, we know you're beavering away in your garage from the questions you ask from time to time, so spill the beans. :)
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  3. He's going type 4, as he knows it's the man's choice ;)
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  4. Bump.
  5. @snotty come on, spill the beans :lol:
  6. havnt you all seen it yet o_O
  7. I will - got to have a bath first - I'm effing freezing!
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  8. @snotty you must be all shrivelled up like a prune by now :eek:

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  9. PLEASE dont ask to see it :eek:
  10. Only certain parts - I won't post a pic :eek:. God, I hate this weather.

    Right, no great mystery. It'll be a boggo 1776 from bits I've accumulated of the past few years. My Vege "reconditioned" engine isn't going to last much longer...or maybe it will. It seems perfectly happy with half a bar oil pressure and hideous end float, just keeps on going.

    I've got two eBay engines in the garage that I bought a couple of years ago. Know it's not wise, but there you go. One was a hot Beetle engine (AB case) that was...awful. The case was in good nick, but that's about it - the flywheel had come loose at some point, something that the bloke mysteriously forgot to mention. The heads are ok-ish as well, and are already machined for 90.5 barrels. Noticed recently that someone's had a go at porting & polishing them - not their best work, but they haven't ruined them, so that's a starting point.

    Second one was a gem, an AD from bus. The bloke's dad was a happy camper in the 70s, and I think he must have got someone to swap the engine for a type 4 and gearbox, as I got the complete 3-rib transmission for nothing. Like an a*se, I stripped the whole lot and split the case. Had a good measure up, and it's perfect under the grime. Gah! Could've stuck it straight in the bus. I reckon it was freshly refurbished in the 80s - there's an "87" stamp in the case...and I took it to pieces. What an idiot. Crank's fine, has had (from memory) 0.25mm ground off it, case has had a 0.5mm line bore and the end web's had 1mm flycut off it. Stuck some new bearings in it as a trial fit and it's rock solid :thumbsup:. So, sometimes you are lucky.

    Now I've got the crank gears off, it's down the road next week to have the case machined and crank'n'flywheel balanced, if I'm convinced they can bore the case straight. If not, I'll go elsewhere. Have new 90.5 B&Ps and, being a sheep, I bought an Engle 100 to go in it, which of course means I've got to find a more sticky-outier oil pump. Progress will be slow, so don't hold your breath... Intention is to run it up on the stand with a boggo Solex to start with. Mine's got a 130 main already in it (recommended mod, BTW).

    Starter question were related to engine stands. On Mr Banana's advice, I bought a cradle from Jack on VZi with a starter mount on it - top job, recommended. I'll stick my old cradle (also a Jack job) in the classifieds if anyone's interested.

    End of message, People of Earth...

    engine mount starter.jpg
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  11. PS Also had the AD tinware and shroud powder-coated for not very much. Anyone in the Salisbury area, get down to Wessex Metal Finishers in Wilton. Tim & Co are top folk :thumbsup:
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  12. Keep us posted, we like pics. :thumbsup:
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  13. :thinking:How much do you want for the engine cradle .
  14. I've put it in Classifieds.
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  15. Cheers for the update snotty:thumbsup:
  16. Any more progress with this @snotty
  17. Too cold in the garage, mate. It's a spring project, if spring ever comes. Concentrating on using up all the stuff I've been meaning to fit (interior bits, Syntrans gearbox oil (tomorrow's job), etc). I've got a box of Mahle B&Ps that keep giving me the eye every time I walk in there...
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  18. You may not have noticed but spring is here, so get on with it!
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  19. Agreed!!

    You'll often find me wandering around in the unit in just my sweatshirt!! :cool:
  20. Now that doesn't paint a good picture!

    She's more like it :D

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