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  1. Nice to meet you old and new. :)
    I may have had one too many light ales on Saturday night and made a tit of myself, but luckily I can't remember. :D
    Erm's oil light was a minor hiccup and nothing to do with oil pressure. Phew. 2 wrecked engines in one week would have been hard to take!
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  2. think i would have abandoned all vw hope if that had happened! out of worry and anxiety i pootled home at 50mph - dougal has never sat behind a caravan on the motorway before :oops:
    cheers for sorting it out (again) :)
  3. Great pics Moosey, especially like the Zed ones :). Robo, glad to help out buddy, was the only bit of teching I did in the few hours I was there, and glad the bus ran well too. See yous all in September, whole weekend this time....:thumbsup:
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  4. PS, I vote for the bottom field too, fewer hook ups but better pi*s ups :beer:
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  5. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    And BIGGER fire :D
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  6. Ahhh sounds like you all had a great time. Sorry to have missed you all, especially my girls Tiny-Pie, Ermintrude, Mrs Moosey, zed :p

    Looking forward to September's - bottom field it will be, I am confident of a heat wave :D
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  7. Just make sure Henry (nzskidReturned ) isn't around then!
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  8. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Henry is the new fire marshal ;)
  9. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Oh : that old " can't remember " is a dead giveaway - what did you do ?
  10. I appreciate it was our first date zed but feel hurt that you can't remember :(
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  11. Things went rapidly downhill for me on Friday night, breaking down on the way and getting taken home on the big yellow taxi.

    However, My friend lent me his van and sent me off on Saturday afternoon and I had a great time although I didn't get any of my jobs done.

    Thanks everyone for making what could have been a truly terrible weekend so much better.

    See you all next time, I'll have another go at getting my bus there. Maybe it'll be third time lucky?
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  12. Thanks all you southern lot for making is northerners welcome :) we had a great time, shame about the weather though... nd thanks to Dicky for sorting out my kick panels... They're in and hiding a multitude of sins ;) hehe

    Well done tuesday_wildchild and Mrs twc who is awesome for organising a great event...

    And all you wondering Baysearcher is actually a massive softy who loves kids and animals ;) hehe

    Lovely to meet you all... Hopefully next time I won't be as quiet and be back to my usual self

    and thank you to Katie and Charlie @Robo's kiddies who looked after my Charlie pie all weekend keeping him entertained :p xxx
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  13. Didnt you bug anyone to look at that gearbox issue? I got stuck into leccy stuff but yu should have reminded me!
  14. Haha its fine I'll get it looked at this week when I go pester my vw man ab out my bug :) thank you anyway was great meeting you, top guy x
  15. Ah bless. It was nice to meet you too, someone who talks proper:)
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  16. Great to see everyone,sorry me and my brv wasn't feeling too good all weakend and we couldn't have a cider/beer,but we are going to make up for it next time :beer: On our list for next time will be gear change issue and smocking engine?
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  17. It was lovely to finally meet you Tiny-Pie all those things Baysearcher has said about you just aren't true :D

    Katie & Charlie totally loved looking after Charlie Pie, if they had their way they would of smuggled him home somehow & to be honest I really wouldn't of minded as he's a lovely little fella :D

    Baysearcher was a real gent, my Katie called him 'the funny man' which I completely agree with...

    I don't know about anyone else but I'm sat at work still buzzing from a great weekend :D
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  18. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Nice one Robo, what a cracking weekend!
    Tiny-Pie, we forgot about your shifter: if its not sorted by September I'm sure we can sort it for you!
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  19. The kids had a bath when we got home Sunday & then Mrs Robo did them a bit of tea before bed whilst they watched a bit of telly, I'm afraid it was all too much for Charlie and he fell asleep eating a sandwich & was chewing it in his sleep :D & it wasn't even 6pm...

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  20. today i'm going to polish my ruby slippers :D

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