Techenders - September 3rd - 5th 2021

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  1. Not sure what motorway it was but a motor home had crashed and they shut all three lanes for a fair while and all the other roads on the way back were busy as hell
  2. Cheers for a fab weekend as usual!

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  3. Faust

    Faust Supporter

    A great weekend as per usual , great weather . Chatting and boozing around a wood fire and having endless laugh's and laughter getting louder as more booze is consumed .
    The weather today was perfect .
    A thanks to Baysearcher for the organising . We will both look forward to seeing everyone next year ...Cheers to you all .
  4. Faust

    Faust Supporter

    Your kids were no problem Roger were a great family they say Happy kids means a happy time .
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  5. Chrisd

    Chrisd Supporter

    All nicely tucked up in my camper with your name in it ready for next year
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  6. Dub and Dubber

    Dub and Dubber Supporter

    Thought it might be the 42 as Lady Google-Maps sent me on the A46 back to Gloucester as "fastest due to congestion on the m42
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  7. Saw a very sorry looking motorhome on the back of truck travelling south when I was coming back!
  8. This one looked like it had been on its side
    They we’re putting a tarp over part of it when we eventually got past
    I presume it was to stop loose broken bits flying off whilst it was being transported.

    Mrs para seems to think it was on the M1
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  9. DubCat

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    TWO rescues in one weekend, I'll bring your cape in May :D
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  10. Another great TE event thanks for the excellent advice and great to meet up with some new and old faces
  11. CollyP

    CollyP Moderator

    The nighttime light up boules has just finished. Malta beat the Lebanon :(
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  12. CollyP

    CollyP Moderator

    But the fire is still alight :)
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  13. scrooge95

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  14. We daw

    On the way home on Saturday ..
    some twot ,:rolleyes:

    was changing a wheel in the live lane of the smart motorway near crick..

    The refuge was 100yrds away..

    Was unbelievable had the car on the wind up jack..

    I wouldn't be surprised.. if the car was eventually struck by a truck..:eek:
  15. scrooge95

    scrooge95 Moderator and piggy bank keeper

    The field is slowly emptying [​IMG]

    I’ll take this back to Hampshire and I’m sure it can find its way home to you at some point
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  16. theBusmonkey

    theBusmonkey Sponsor

    Don't let Eddie see that :eek:;)
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  17. I think I woke them up first as I had to be away early and also wouldn't start. Sorry. Loved the campfire chat.
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  18. scrooge95

    scrooge95 Moderator and piggy bank keeper

    Haha, true enough….. but I think everyone paid this time, and Sarah & Jackie did do a walk around on Saturday checking hook up numbers….
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  19. Chrisd

    Chrisd Supporter

    Arrived home after a lovely journey via the Fosse Way and then the less lovely, but smooth flowing, M40. Great weekend and as others have said...see you all soon :thumbsup:

    International Boules is great:chewie:
  20. CollyP

    CollyP Moderator

    156093B2-62A4-4E20-ABCE-A294ACB2F1A5.jpeg Then there was one.
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