Techenders - September 3rd - 5th 2021

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    Most of you know the score, but as an open event I'm mindful some of you reading this may not, so I'll start with a bit of an intro:

    What is TECHENDERS?
    TECHENDERS used to be a meeting where (mostly) bay owners camp and fix/learn about their vans in a central location. This still happens but it's grown into a bit more of a social event these days. It's still a chance to ask all those questions you have, or just compare your engine and oily bits to someone elses. There is always plenty of assistance or back up from people who've probably done any jobs you're contemplating tackling, before.

    Where is it held?
    It's at Victoria Farm near Lutterworth (LE17 5AU)

    When is it?
    It's held twice yearly and this years 2nd will be Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th September '21. You can arrive whenever you like, but most tend to arrive Friday afternoon / evening. Stay as long as you like, it's a working campsite.

    Who can come?
    Anyone, including pets or kids - come to mess with vans or just come for a weekend break.

    What can i expect?
    It's whatever you make of it. In the past we've removed, rebuilt, and replaced engines, or just helped people change a bulb. All we ask is you explain fully what you expect to do and do it early. There's no use saying "can i take my engine out" on saturday night.... Also, be aware we won't do your work for you; we expect you to get dirty and we can point you in the right direction.
    If you do intend doing some spannering, don't forget a tarp or similar to keep oil off the grass!

    What about entertainment and food?
    This isn't a vw show, it's just people meeting at a campsite owned by a vw owner who lets us use his facilities. There are no stalls or tat, it's just camping. There is usually a run to the local curry house for a feed Saturday night, and the local shops are 10 minutes away with a Morrisons etc. The site owner is a vw nut and has a 4 post lift which he usually lets us have use of if pre-warned.

    Not sure if @pkrboo is taking poptopkitchen?

    What will it cost?
    It’s £10 a night to camp with no hook up or £12 with. We don't take any money, this charge is from the site. Electric is limited in the lower field although there is plenty in the top field if needed - you can always walk or drive down during the day. If you intend to use electric, please pay for it. It's cheap so don't take the mick.
    There's no need to pre-book; just pay on arrival.

    If I've missed anything, ask away. Plenty have been before and will answer questions.

    Although Techenders is publicised on the late bay, they do not endorse or have any say on the running of it. It's just a meet up. Techenders is owned by no-one and runs itself. It isn't "structured" so don't expect a timetable. If you want help ASK. A wise man once said "if you don't ask, you don't get."


    Start a list of whos coming underneath.
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    1) Me
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  3. 2.pkrboo

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    Are you taking the food van of dreams?
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  5. TBC

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    3 me Mrs para n youngest para
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    Techenders reminder list for this one and future ones

    Apologies if I've got your real name wrong, forgotten it or you prefer to be anonymous.

    @Baysearcher (Doug)
    @PanZer (Jamie)
    @scrooge95 (Sarah)
    @F_Pantos (Andrew)
    @MorkC68 (Mark)
    @Merlin Cat (Alex)
    @paul2590 (Paul)
    @Iain McAvoy (Iain)
    @Valveandy (Andy)
    @Lord Congi (Dave)
    @Dicky (Chris)
    @theBusmonkey (Neil)
    @pkrboo (Matt)
    @Mrs Busmonkey (Mel)
    @Robo (Dave)
    @Mrs_Robo (Lena)
    @Dazza (Daz)
    @mikedjames (Mike)
    @1973daisey (Si)
    @Mark Darby (Mark)
    @Sproggy4830 (Brian & Margaret)
    @Ermintrude (Lisa)
    @Popsy (Paul)
    @SkutterBob (Stewart)
    @Razzyh (Ray)
    @iblaze (Ian)
    @Patrick Nguyen (Patrick)
    @Jules65 (Jules)
    @Purple (Dave)
    @andyv (Andy)
    @Barry Haynes (Barry)
    @Geordie (Andy)
    @bernjb56 (Bern)
    @Louey (Louey)
    @Betty the Bay
    @Ripcord (Andrew/Paul????)
    @redgaz Gary/Gaz)
    @Faust (Euan)
    @physiopro (Andy)
    @PeaSoup (Nick)
    @art b (Art)
    @gratboyslim (Adam)
    @Fruitcake (Paul)
    @Ozziedog (Ozzie)
    @CollyP (Colin)
    @davidoft (David)
    @Mattlad (Matt)
    @philntfc (phil)
    @Kruger (Kevin)
    @3901mick (Mick)
    @Flakey @SundialCamperSpecialists (Dunc)
    @S1mon (Simon)
    @Dub and Dubber (Mike)
    @nicktuft (Nick)
    @docjohn (John)
    @Chrisd (Chris)
    @Jack Tatty (John)
    @paneuropaul (Paul)
    @Norris (Norris)
    @Razzyh (Ray)
    @ginger ninja (Paul)
    @paradox (Rik/Rick)
    @Lasty (Chris)
    @areksilverfish (Arek)
    @sANDYbAY (Bob?)
    @The Bobdogs (Andy)
    @fugly76 (Ian)
    @Busman (Byron)
    @lowie (Steve)
    @stewart kombi (Stewart)
    @mikeyjay100 (Mikey?)
    @Dr a
    @Spacecowboyuk (Rog) There's only one @Spacecowboyuk
    @Doink (Ian)
    @Ian Jones (Ian)
    @SeanOC (sean)
    @Beaver (Sara)
    @chrisgooner (Chris)
    @brothernumberone (Fletch)
    @andyv (Andy)
    @Barry Rawlinson (Barry?)
    @bluerustybucket (Mike)
    @AndyC (Andy)
    @Sick Boy (John)
    @Bob crossley (Bob, Marnie & Frank the dog)
    @anne (Anne & Pete).
    @Tash Horn

    Apologies if I've forgotten anyone.
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  8. Norris

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    1. @Baysearcher
    2. @pkrboo
    3. @paradox and family
    4. @Norris and Mrs Norris

    Oh, and not intending to do much at all unless someone needs an extra pair of hands. Also will be in the tent again, as the engine still isn't in one piece yet
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  10. Norris

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    I didn't get a notification from that tag :(
  11. Gutted as I don't think I can make it this time unfortunately. Got Slam Dunk festival on the Sunday. If I can swing it, I might get there for the Friday night, but will have to see. Bus is giving me grief at the moment, so would be good to get it there for some help!
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  12. Chrisd

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    1. Baysearcher
    2. pkrboo
    3. paradox and family
    4. Norris and Mrs Norris
    5 paulcalf
    6 Iain McAvoy
    7 Chrisd
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    I’ve sacked off the tags. I don’t need one every time anyone responds.
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    1. Baysearcher
    2. pkrboo
    3. paradox and family
    4. Norris and Mrs Norris
    5 paulcalf
    6 Iain McAvoy
    7 Chrisd
    8 Mikedjames
  15. Neither did I actually, how strange
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    Me neither...
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    I copied the list from a previous techenders thread (where i told everyone to stick the September date in the diary).

    This 'post' may not have notified those tagged as when i pasted it into this thread everyone had double@@'s. I then deleted one@ per person assuming it would tag people
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    Not to worry.
    I hope to be coming sometime on the Friday.
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    I never get notified when I'm tagged. Is there a setting somewhere I need to switch on?

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