Techenders - September 3rd - 5th 2021

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  1. Safely home, showered, changed and in the garden with a beer. Great weekend, thanks to friends new and old for your company. Looking forward to the next time..
  2. Bugger. Please could someone give it a home till April :)
  3. I'll fight you !
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  4. Ok, if I ever get to TE then we’ll fight!! See who can drink the most without falling over or telling someone they love them whilst crying!
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  5. Having looked at a few type 4 engines over the weekend and established the correct position for the timing mark on the pulley I've checked mine and it is indeed in the wrong place! With the mark now correct it's actually running at 34 degrees BTDC, still too high but much lower than 40. I'll get it up to temperature tomorrow and gradually retard it and see if I can get it still run well.
  6. I've left, but I'm sure someone will take it home
  7. I sent Jane in for beer

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  8. :lol:
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  9. In case somebody sees this out of the 6 Sunday campers, would anyone be able to give my blue Jeep chair a home till next TE, pretty please.
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  10. Now that the crowd are no longer on the pitch, the dramatic international Boules tournament can commence PXL_20210905_164034712.jpg
  11. theBusmonkey

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    Well, thank you all you lovely people! An absolutely outstanding weekend, one of the best in our opinion!
    Nearly home, just a quick detour for a Sunday night curry...
  12. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Another brilliant weekend!
    Thanks @Robo for bbq / pizza duties, top job.
    Thanks to everyone else for continuing the tradition!
    See you all in May!
  13. Thanks all for a great weekend. My first trip in my bus :D
    Learnt lots, helped a bit, and it was good to put faces and real names to people.
    I'll be back....
  14. Having missed the last 5 years worth of TE this one made up for it - we had an amazing weekend!
    Thanks to the lovely and super chilled @Faust neighbours putting up with our noisy clan!
    20210904_173434.jpg 20210904_135415.jpg 20210904_173453.jpg 20210904_165806.jpg
    Big thanks to @Chrisd and @mikedjames for helping me set up my twin 34's:
    20210905_113147.jpg 20210905_124218.jpg
    And my kids had a great time playing with @Robo, @Baysearcher and @paradox kids, too.

    It was really nice to meet some new faces - see you in May!

    P.S thank you to Eddie for the fish 'n' chips run).

    P.P.S thank you to @Razzyh for allowing me to test a RHD, auto with scooby conversion. All three things a new one on me. Then showing me what it can really do when you put your foot down;)
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  15. Great weekend with friends old and new. Blessed with weather and great company. Home and shattered! Passed a nice green splitty on the M1? Travelling north!

    agree with @theBusmonkey … one of the most enjoyable yet. Thanks @Baysearcher for arranging! Can’t wait for the next one!
  16. Was nice to see some of you on Saturday afternoon, :thumbsup:

    just a flying visit,

    as our regular dog sitters are not well ..:(

    so we didn't stay for Tiffin..:p

    Good to see some old and new faces,
    Plenty of interesting stuff going on ..


    Si's bus looks amazing and was the star of the show.. :cool:

    Well done to everyone for helping each other out and still having a chilled weekend....
  17. Cheers for a great weekend everyone
    We’ve just got back home it was a nightmare drive back
  18. A draw at International
    boules : back row..
    The Lebanon

    Myself in the hat Azerbaijan.
  19. M42?
  20. Sorry I shot off this morning was early tried to be quiet but the bloody thing wouldn't start sorry all

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