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  1. And quieter
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  2. Indeed the propex ones aint to bad but when people with erbers fire them up they are a tad annoying if your camped close
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  3. Haha, but my passenger door turns on my courtesy light
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  4. fab photos :hattip:

    not worth postin my phone piccys..o_O
    i will post my blinged up RR piccys...:eek:

    well done everyone,
    good weather and great company and venue , a great time was had by all ...:chewie:
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  5. Flakey

    Flakey Sponsor

    Looks fab, hope not to miss the next one.
  6. If you buy one make sure its got the compression sack with it
    It will save you space in the van

    They are rated to -15 for comfort not minimum rating
    Bulky and heavy for walking with but the warmest bag ive ever used and they are built to last aswell
  7. I had a really good sleeping bag once. Never again, it was so hot in there I couldn't actually stay inside it.
  8. some buses didn't make it but were there in spirit :)
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  9. Always moaning i told you your turning into a grumpy old man;)
  10. It was better than any tv show watching you and doug trying to win an argument when you both were on about completely seperate things
    Hope you get your bus sorted soon hun
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  11. we both understand our drunken arguments... innocent bystanders are usually confused :D

    Lovely to meet you and lots of other nice peeps too.... and @CollyP :p :D
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  13. Great photos guys - I have been boring the people at work with tales of the weekend! :)
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  14. I wish it was a Champagne, ( I reckon I'll call it a Lambrusco Jaffa) but thanks for liking the bus!!
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  15. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Here are a few photos from me and mrs daisy had a great time once again love all u guys :beer:
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  16. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

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  17. He blew me & Lowie into the weeds just after the M1/M69 junction, could we catch him, could we hell as like :eek:
  18. whos is that then?
  19. dunno Dicky, he wasn't at Techenders!! He did take a few cars on and rumbled past them; he wasn't hanging round :D
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  20. Shame I didn't see him. I like a challenge.
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