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  1. Looks like you all had a great time. I'm not gutted that I wasn't with you all in that beautiful sun, going to Wales and getting soaked to the bone was a much better idea.
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  3. Yep - haven't had time to do the 'plugging camera into computer; downloading photos to computer; uploading to Flickr; resizing; pasting the link location' nonsense required in order to upload them to here ... life's too short!!
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  4. Yes, as has been said, the blue and white devon was mine:)

    Yes sorry we didn't get to chat, as a newbie I was mesmerised by @bernjb56 's pickup and then I got absorbed in trying to learn as much as possible from @vanorak, as well as holding a spanner or two for @scrooge95 .
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  5. Now then... sadly I could not make it mainly as my misses may have pointed out that it fell on our anniversary... so is the next one got a date yet?
  6. Spotted the new date and thread.... now to try and "organise" my weekends..... to suddenly become available ;)
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    we're doing an extra one in september 25/26th
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  8. Forgot to say @Moons our Charlie has renamed you 'Moonman' his new best mate!
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    Not "Teaman"??
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