Techenders: 13-15 September ‘19. Who’s coming?

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  1. IMG_1419 (601x800).jpg Had a great time at my first Techenders, though regret I no longer have the late night stamina of some of you. Davidoft showed me how to shut my doors properly and Mikedjames has persuaded me not to worry about my oil. Will definitely come again.
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  2. scrooge95

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    …. things that involve a kettle ??

  3. F_Pantos

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    @Baysearcher had a pot noodle, I saw him fill it up, does that count? ;)
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  4. Actually snorted coffee out my nostrils, thanks.
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  6. Thanks all for another great Techenders.
    I learned some things I needed to...was told some things I wish hadn’t been told ha ha Still have dozens of questions so forgive a future flooding of threads.

    You are a great crowd and this time we had the weather with us...I just didn’t have shorts and t-shirts with me. Another lesson learned!

    See y’all in Spring.

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  7. Splendid weekend , thanks to everyone just for being themselves - a great bunch :thumbsup:

    Comedy moment on the way home ....

    Dipped the oil before leaving , fine .
    Got onto the M1 and oil temp started to rise dramatically - it was over 130 when i pulled into Watford Gap services :eek::eek:
    (first one Southbound).

    Parked up , went far a .... and returning to the van thought i better have a look so popped the engine lid only to find the thermo dipstick hanging by its leads on top of the alternator and the `proper` dipstick in situ ....

    DOH !!

    Could have been much worse if it had swung into the fan belt and caused mayhem - it didn`t so got away that time but lesson
    learned ...

    Moral ??

    Don`t get old and stupid :oops:

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  8. Jules65

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    When I arrived home I used a laser thermometer a friend loaned me to check the case temperature


    Registered at 75 degrees centigrade after doing a non stop 70 miles (1 and 1/2 hours driving). It gall’s me that I have got to drop the engine and remove the cylinder head(s) to resolve the valve seat issue.

    The joys of classic air cooled engines

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  9. paulcalf

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    Give us a shout if you need an extra pair of hands (Very very unskilled hands) when you are dropping the engine

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  10. Jules65

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    I’ll bear you in mind fella.
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  11. I once drove a car from London to Carlisle, where on arrival my cousin asked why the front of the car was covered in oil. Popped the hood and I hadn’t put the cap back on after filling it up prior to setting off I can’t blame age, but just I did it again

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  12. I used to do a bit of flying. I got my license but gave it up when it got too expensive. I once departed with a loose filler cap. Fortunately I only did a circuit round the airfield, but when I landed the whole of the inside of the engine compartment was covered in oil and it was way down the outside of the fuselage. I don’t like to think what would have happened 10 minutes later if I been going anywhere. Probably for the best I’m not up there now.
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    "Shudder" ... Do you live near Mr I-cant-weld ?
    Edit: Scratch that ... It's just Westbury
  14. That's a different Westbury

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  15. Dub and Dubber

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    You're too quick!
    Shows how deep it's "embedded" I guess :(

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