Techenders: 13-15 September ‘19. Who’s coming?

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  1. Cheers everyone, might not sell the landy now as youre all great fun, even the landy behaves until i came back after a dump and found this !!

  2. i was out n about around 5.30. if i had seen it i may have made a cuppa and sat for 10 minutes with it
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  3. 93EB71F8-2EB1-4B1D-BCCB-DAF50B897967.jpeg

    Where’s everybody gone? :-(
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  4. Rude!!! :)
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  5. WP_20190913_13_51_43_Pro.jpg WP_20190913_17_42_19_Pro.jpg WP_20190913_19_03_15_Pro.jpg WP_20190914_19_20_51_Pro.jpg WP_20190913_18_56_16_Pro.jpg
    Top weekend again folks ..................... bring on April!!
  6. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    There really are some very cool people on this site....really nice to meet many new, and many previously met, actually in the real world!

    The ‘leap’ ended well when it could have gone pear shaped and I’m nearly over the petrol vapour poisoning.
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  7. Another great weekend.

    Thanks to everyone who tinkered with my bus or anyone else's bus!

    Great to see lots of new faces
    @Osbert (Chris, sorry I've forgotten your mates name)
    @iblaze (Ian & Jane)
    @andyv (Andy)
    @Jules65 (Julian)
    @Purple (David)

    Welcome to @beavers & Paul's mate, whose name I don't know as I didn't get chance to say a proper hello to (apologies).

    Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and will come again and spread the word.

    Sorry to anyone whose name I got wrong or I have forgotten!

    Huge thanks to Eddie & Jackie for having us.

    It is a great community & we have some very generous people sharing their knowledge and skills.

    The country maybe divided by Brexit, but it's great to see people United over a love of camper vans![​IMG]
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  8. It looks an epic T/E. Of course it would as I missed it.
    Back from Bath now, and will try for April.
    Well done all of you - so loving the shots of all the bays together.
  9. Thanks @davidoft door is much better and even wifey is happy
  10. Good to meet you too. Mates name is Steve by the way. Cheers Chris
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  11. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Blimey is there no end to @davidoft skills?! ;)
  12. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    He says not :rolleyes:
  13. Wow, looks like a cracking weekend folks
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  14. He's called Rob, if I can persuade him to register he'll probably be rob75

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  15. Pleasing other people's wives!

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  16. Gone back to real life and it's rubbish. How was your run?

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  17. Merlin Cat

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    A few photos of a fab weekend :)

    CA4B0C7D-85C8-46DA-8294-E020E6D74AAA.jpeg 6A3ABDF8-C7B3-4F2A-BE93-2F7528379565.jpeg C4272C1D-D9D3-4DFB-9C28-A7B9720CA83A.jpeg 965C698B-C5AB-454B-AD0E-C698184DB18F.jpeg 78961E44-57D3-4AEA-85E6-FBB9347515B6.jpeg 15162C7E-89CD-4309-B651-996F745403AE.jpeg
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  18. Plus cheers @pkrboo for fixing the landys interior lights master switch, forgotten how much more accuracy is needed in a tintop at night.
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  19. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Blinking heck! Triple booking alert!!!

    I’ve just checked emails etc and I was booked in for a day training Friday with a well known boiler manufacturer and I forgot! Actually I thought it was next week!

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