Techenders: 13-15 September ‘19. Who’s coming?

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  1. Oh, go and have a great one you lot, I’m off to Weobley Castle on the Gower. Would have been great to get to a techenders without any rain, so you now know that when I come, then so will the rain. I thought fish and chip Friday at the Pig In Muck was pretty awesome, I did my very best to try and bankrupt the landlord :hattip:

    Ozziedog.,,,,,,,,, pariah :)
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  2. Have a great time all. I'll do my best to make the next one. We'll be busy making cabinets for the van this weekend.
  3. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Please please please can I bagsy hook up even if I’m not there before others as I will be bereft without it :)
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  4. Gutted I can't join you this weekend, I shall be longingly following on my phone though:thumbsup:

    Have a fab weekend one and all :cheers:
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  5. Sadly I’ve decided not to come this weekend, logistics for the wife trying to get 2 boys to football matches , table tennis and all the other stuff boys do , made me realise I should do the good father thing and stay home and help , if only they didn’t do their sports (though I’m glad they do really) we could all come .
    Have a great weekend guys , I’ll be following this thread with envy

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  6. IMG_20190912_183610~2.jpg

  7. Thought you were in the landmark ?
  8. You need to get solar Merlin, its the future !! ;-)
    Under £200 for the kit, quite easy to fit & I've not used hook up once since I fitted it (& I run a fridge, heaters, lights, radio and everything off my leisure battery) .................. come and have a look when I get there if you like.
  9. Yeah MC I have solar on my landy, powered me round spain and Portugal, ran the coolbox all day everyday.
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  10. Which one have you got fitted? This is on my list so I can get the propex sorted for winter (running the van over winter this year!).
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  12. Enjoy the weekend guys & girls, i shall attempt to enjoy the 40th birthday party we are going to !!! 80's fancy dress ! FFSo_O
  13. I may have brought a popcorn maker. Bring kernels and toppings! And any of those stripey boxes :D
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  14. Awww bum :(
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  15. I don’t have toppings, only kernals
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  16. Does anyone have/can bring an air pipe I could buy. Mine keeps blowing off and is a bit squished from repeated attempts to force it back on?
  17. I can bring you one

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  18. Thank you!!
  19. On my way
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  20. @davidoft do you have the connection for the usa injection 2l air hose to fit the heat exchanger ?

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