Tax disc voids

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  1. Put it up the top of the windshield behind the mirror like I do.
    For the owners of bus's imported from South Africa, its the correct, legal, position over there.
  2. Unfortunately it is one of those magnetic jobs that is a pain to remove part of it from the screen.
  3. I got a scene tax disk of google images blew it up a bit and put that in my tax disk holder i would take the tax disk holder out but it has all my recovery details in there.
  4. I have this in mine now.

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  5. I bought an original VW tax disc off eBay for £5 showing mar 76 which as my van was first Reg April 75 it would have carried a mar 76 disc it looks cool
  6. I have a similar tax one, also a similar looking one that says 'tax free and air cooled'! After May I will need one saying tax and test exempt!.
  7. Yep got that as well!

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