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  1. Bit off the windscreen this but I'm wondering if there might be an opportunity to resurrect (subtle link to 2nd coming) the idea of some club merchandise.

    I've spent all my long time owning my bus trying too get the DVLA to agree to giving it road tax exempt status - cause the VOSA database said it should be and my sister works there; even though I knew it was built in February 73. Beside the point. Now that they've done away with the paper tax disc, I'm struggling with the need to fill the void that is my tax disc holder with something appropriate (apart from the obvious)

    Anybody interested in exploring the idea of a latebay logo cut onto a tax disc sized bit of paper?

    I know a man who makes round wooden windows of any size - and would just love to present hm with the challenge - round, smaller, paper....
  2. Ive got a 'scene tax' disc in mine lol
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  3. I've got a 1973 tax disc in mine.
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  4. rickyrooo1

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  5. There was a person on the radio selling discs shaped cards printed with the tax and insurance renewal dates on it to remind you
    They said they are selling 1000 a day
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    It's a young kid.
    Good on him.
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  7. I have one of these but with my van generally parked facing south most of the time it now looks similar to a tax disc in the snow!
  8. we have them already ,insurance wise...
  9. Tax disc holders are my business, believe it or not people are still buying them. If there was interest I could perhaps do a run.
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  10. mine too!
  11. Wasn't very wise to get himself into the news when he is infringing copyrighted images he took from the internet. ;)
  12. Baysearcher

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    I guess it was a fly by night product so I'd imagine he couldn't care less. He's probably made his money and moved on.
    Fair play to him.
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  13. He is still selling them, set up as a ltd company with plans to expand. All very well until the rights owners catch up with them.
  14. ron


    my car tax disc holder's got a picture of Peter Griffin in it :thumbsup:
    but on special occasions i change it i.e thats where i put me poppy
  15. Like, yeah.
  16. Have a repro 1975 disc on mine but to stop the fade, spray the disc with hair spray on varnish it (fixes the ink)
  17. I waited all that time to get Tax FREE n now we dont have discs to" prove" it :(. i dont know what im going to fill my glove box up with now i wont have loads of old td's ? My windscreen does look clearer though :)
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  18. £80k and counting according to the news the other day
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    Fair play.
  20. My wife's car almost failed its MOT because the tax disc holder was in the swept area of the wipers. It now holds a car park pass. The rules don't allow any stickers but tax discs were exempt. Now the holders are not, even if they have been in the same position on the screen for years.

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