T25 gearbox rod to cable change conversion ?

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  1. Hey,

    Just gonna register my interest in this, I'm really considering cable shift for a future upgrade, I just converted my 76 type4 powered bay from auto to manual (6-rib) and although I haven't driven it yet I am finding it near impossible to find the gears, I suspect it is going to be a complete pig to drive.

    I'm actually regretting not going that way to start with.

    Something UK/homebrew based would be awesome I love that cable craft vid!

    Nice one, Deano.
  2. I made a cable-shift conversion for an upside-down Passat box in my bay, similar side-entry rod to the type25 box:

    ended up not using it as I couldn't bring myself to cut a hole in the cab floor.

    I redesigned the whole lot to work off the stock unmodified shift rod:

    not as nifty as the cable shift but works with the unmodified van.
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  3. Very nice. What have you done at the cab end?
    Looking at something similar for my T25 as the 5 speeds are stupidly priced and rather weak.
  4. Nothing. I had the stuff made on the gearbox, out of the van and ready to offer up. The plan was to locate the stock B4 Passat gear lever in the cab floor somewhere and then measure up to see how much longer the cables would need to be and go and have them made up at Cablecraft in Dublin. I put the lot in the van and agonised over where to put the gear lever stuff in the cab, where and how much to cut etc. I couldn't do it. I couldn't bring myself to cut a hole in an otherwise uncut van. So I abandoned the cable-shift conversion, junked the lot and started over, working out how to make the stock gear lever and shift rod work with the Passat gearbox. Took quite a bit of figuring out and trial and error. It worked out OK in the end. Not at slick as the cable shift but fine all the same. 2000 miles on and the only problem has been a lost grub screw on the shift rod coupler. Should have used some lock-wire ;)
  5. What do you mean "weak"?
  6. I've lost 5th gear in two 5 speed boxes so far. Both down to the main bearing moving in the casing trashing it and allowing the whole gear stack to move forwards popping it out of gear.
    Problem is the 5th gear was an afterthought in the design. 4th in syncro boxes do the same.
  7. The original linkage from a T25 can be made to fit a Bay.

    Mine has a T25 box, linkage and gearstick from fitted in.

    Anyone welcome to look:

    but heres some pics:




    some of the brackets for the linkage are a bit heath robinson!
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