T25 gearbox rod to cable change conversion ?

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  1. Hi, has anyone done their own or know where I can buy bits or a kit from ?
    Any info or photos appreciated .
  2. I,ll be watching this as well I guess you want to put a t25 gearbox in a bay
  3. I was wondering if the whole t25 gear stick,linkages, etc
    could be put into a bay..
  4. i had a friend who put one in a split ,he got rid of the rear axle and put the springs and arms off a t25...

    If your thinking of this maybe worth considering putting in the hydro clutch in as well ,far more reliable...:thumbsup:

    if you look at normal car gearbox set ups ,they are just a series of bars and cups...
  5. Cableshift in the US sell a cable shift conversion but its $649.:eek:
    http://www.cableshift.com/094/VW 094.html




    I've seen a couple converted using vauxhall corsa gearbox linkage parts and porsche boxster cables but can't find the piccies now.
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  6. T25 6 rib boxes are cheap by comparison so it might be cost effective... 5 speed box? (if theres any point)
  7. 5 speed T25 box has the same top gear ratio as the 4 speed so you don't gain anything really. The 5 speed is a bit more fragile as the 5th gear was an afterthought.
    I'm still looking for a replacement 5 speed box for my T25 and thought about going 4 speed instead as they are easier to find.
  8. Thanks guys, I have found a couple of companies who do the linkage set up for @ £400.00.
    But may try my own set up first.
  9. What companies? A cable setup may be the ideal way out of it for me
  10. not been funny , but the gearstick is'nt long enough...
  11. They were built to go in sandrails.
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  12. It would be if you moved it off the floor
  13. Something like this?

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  14. I'm sure I could come up with something neater than that. That looks like the terminator trying to pull you through the floor.
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  15. Any more info on it? I'm sure it could be made to look nice
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  17. It looks like the 918 series on their site. Excellent info though
  18. Hi, brought a Dk code 6 rib T25 box (75k) for £150.00 nose change so i should be able to convert it or use some of the cable change bits i brought off a guy on VWKD.
    still unsure which way to go but nice to have a choice !
  19. Hi, weather and family have delayed any progress, still not decided what to do yet !
    hope to be back on the bay soon.

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