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  1. Oh? Really sorry. 5x4 spare wheel, locks to vehicle. Metalwith black cover. ItIt's a great trailer?
  2. Also selling my smart car. 52 plate, black heated leather seats? £1495 or swap for a small van? Would prefer caddy or pickup? 0744387196
  3. swop n reg frontera sport 2.0 mot n runs fine drivers leccy window don't work new tyres used daily . why
  4. I've got two pairs of units for a right hand drive Westy Continental, one early late bay and one late, late bay. I am looking to swap one set for late (darker laminate) LHD equivalents. The early one is in average condition, the late one in superb condition and with all parts, cooker, cooler etc which may come in the deal depending on what you have.

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  5. Anyone got a n/s heater pod to swap with my o/s pod that works perfectly?[​IMG]

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    Swap for "anything" / something of what value roughly?
    Will put email for pics in a PM ...
  7. Set of front seats, runners, and seat belts, came out of my Bay when purchased. Was told they were originally out of a Honda, pretty comfortable, but no good if you're taller than 6ft. A bit dusty but should do someone a turn.
    Looking for a couple of decent (in other words not cracked) front indicators-complete unit including lenses.
    Also have these seatbelt stalks that I picked up from eBay ages ago, these don't fit securon belts but do fit clip the same as in the other photo.
    IMG_5361.JPG IMG_5362.JPG IMG_5363.JPG
  8. Westfalia Continental Rhd Wardrobe.

    See classified ad for pictures

    Need door cards
  9. I've a set of Audi alloy wheels that I was told will fit the bay but haven't tried myself. Not perfect but who is?
    Need some front seat covers or seats that are better condition than mine?

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  10. Anyone want to swap a pair of banded steels for standard ones
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    Do they need to be decent with tires?
  12. Nah mate crusty as you like asking as they hold air and tyres I can get replaced
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    Can’t you get tires for your banded wheels?
  14. I'm looking for some banded steels
  15. That looks the same as my Westfalia Malaga interior. If that’s just been stripped out of one there were only a handful left.
  16. Nothing to see. . .
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  17. :hattip:
  18. Having a clear out and have various parts based in Mansfield notts

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  19. Hi, how much for the beauty rings posted, please.


  20. Is £8 plus postage fair I just want the stuff to go to someone who can use them .

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