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    I thought you had someone who wanted them?
  2. I do but haven't made it to Southport yet and there vans almost done so another tlber is welcome to them.
  3. Plus butt out @poptop2 , I gave them you for free, what's your issue ?
  4. no i cant betty is a nightmare with the windows as it is :D
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  6. Poptop2

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    I don't have a issue.
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  7. Ive a set of silver powder coated 5 spoke empi alloys. 1 unused and the other 4 with good tyres, wheel nuts and cntre caps. Will swap for a later model propex heater, HS 2000 or similar with stat etc in good working order. A mew one might ne nice with cash your way i would guess(but not too much)

    Pm me if interested
  8. Yeah have you not read my previous reply?
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    Ploptop and Congo please sort your handbags out via pm. Cheers.
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  10. :rolleyes::rolleyes:Can you guys have your discusion in private. Im trying to swap stuff here!
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  11. Jinks
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  12. shut up guys, im enjoying this... ;)
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    No handbags Pete. Just banter:)
  14. It
    s in the wrong place. Needs to be either in the LB classifieds bit imho.
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    You're right! I'll sort it
  16. Do you still have these dave?
  17. 3 bottles of glenmorangie 70 cl unopened a 3 rib gearbox 1600cc and drive shafts swop whater you got try me gear box pics in for sale bit its dirty but by no means not good bearings seals eck all good
  18. I have 4 2l pistons and jugs
    old oil cooler
    Clutch and pressure plate.
    2l twin carb airbox
    2l twin carb manifolds
    empi exhaust

    see link but minus the thermostat..


    Not sure what i want to swap for but I need a sun shade awning thingy,lock with key for engine room...might be other stuff..make an offer?
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  19. 2x technics sl1200 turntables working cond no lids and will require new stylus. trade what you got?
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  20. A Tenner each and a mars bar in its original wrapper unopened.

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