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  1. @carlperkins001 - have you still got the top dash vents and the ash tray front? No idea what to offer in swaps for them - is there anything you are after?
  2. Yup still here, ooh but that's the fun of the swap shop ;) haha.

    Anything that will look funky in my bus? Or I'm after a set of old nasty curtains to use as a guide to make my own. Or 1 domed (baby moon) hubcap with vw logo. Or any old Marmite you wanna get rid of? Haha
  3. I'm after some tools for body fillering, Ie blocks, applicators etc. anyone got any they wanna swap?
  4. I'm interested in the dash top vents too... Will have to have a look, see if I have any spare filler stuff.. I know I have a spare onion board, and spreader cards by the truckload, will have to check if I have any blocks I dont need..

    All that, of course, is completely irrelevant if PeaSoup still wants them :)
  5. I have:
    loads of barrels/pistons,
    original gearsticks & assemblies,
    heat exchangers for type 1,
    US style rear lenses (all red apart from reverse light)
    pair of twinport heads,
    pair of singleport heads,
    and some other stuff I cant currently remember..

    I need body panels mainly, but feel free to offer me stuff....
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  6. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    I have two front door cards what do you have to swap ?
  7. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    I have two new rock and roll hinges what do you have to swap
  8. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    I have 2 powder fire extinguishers for a van that clamp nicely in the engine bay. good condition, I would like £15 for the pair plus postage or will split. £7.50 each + pp.


    Ideally I would like to swap them for so23 but in reality anything bay or beetle related that I need will do. I need an indicator arm for a 72 beetle or a small torque wrench for the workshop, also after a tin of black hammerite.

    I can take these to t/e's btw, and I have a72 on engine lid that ois just passable that I want £10 for.


  9. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    or for sale for £40
  10. What do you need for your bay? Interested in these
  11. kev


    just buy a new one
  12. kev


    is this why there is no phones in china

    as theres to many wings and to many wongs and they might wing the wong number
  13. got a few items up for swaps will post pics if any one interested, got a hinge for swing out devon cooker complete, windscreen washer bottle
    pair of chrome eyebrows, pair of new front ind seals jaffa ind lens front used rear light lens used...
  14. are you after anything in particular? the hinge sounds good, and what are the rear lenses like condition wise?

    cheers mate
  15. Reading through....... has anyone successfully swap anything on this thread?:D
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  16. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    A valid question. Is this sticky needed any more?
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  17. It
    completely passed me by to be honest. Seems like a good idea. Ive got a millenium falcon id like to swap for bay city rollers albums!
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  18. I swapped my chrome vents with poptop and then got them back ,so still up for swaps :thumbsup:
  19. whats a chrome vent cong ?
  20. They go at the top of both front windows to stop rain coming in when you have your window open a little :thumbsup:

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