WANTED SupeViking t2 bay

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Riley155, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Sorry just seen your budget abnd think this will go for more :(
  2. This was for sale at BusFest for 21k think his reserve gonna be 15-20 k lol
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  3. Keep looking for the Super Viking - they do come up occasionally - and get Steve (from Zed's) to check it out for you, then fix the bits that need fixing. Well worth the wait.... I think Martinalex on here has one for sale.
  4. We bought a Viking this year June time and although there are only two of us using it it's been brilliant. Loads of room and storage in it which is helpful and the front can bed looks fine for a smaller person/kid and the hammocks would take an adult but again we haven't used them. It's also worth saying the one we bought had a new interior a few years ago, new engine and a rather large sound system and we bought it for £9.5 in the end in June so there are deals to be done. Good luck and keep on the look out!
  5. One on gumtree sounds ok no mot
  6. Stick out and get the super Viking.
    Sold mine a few years ago now and we loved it for the space.
  7. yeah just realised but in same search criteria shows a super Viking.

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