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  1. I'm looking for a Viking bay for a family of 4. Been watching forums for camper. I'm very new to all this but I want to learn as I go. Could do with one mechanically sound but can make inside our own. I'm in love with the original interior. Was at BusFest and so one for 21k, way out of my reach but it was everything I wanted but price(usual story). My budget is 7-9k. Any help would be so appreciated. Thx Paul.
  2. Ps can anyone advise difference between super and std Viking.
  3. hi the std viking as a twin bed and two bunks up top
    the super as a twin bed plus a twin bed plus a bunk up top i think
    as the pop out bit is bigger
    lowie as a std viking for sale on this site
  4. Almost but not quite - the Viking Super 6 may either have the twin bed and the bunk (but can sleep 4 in the roof due to the layout) or may have 4 single bunks. All are timper beds with foam mattresses.

    The Viking normally has a childs bunk (timber upholstered) and two hammocks (canvas type)

    Downstairs layout is similar in both and various configurations of a double bed are achieveable.

    Hope this helps
  5. Cheers for that. Ill check it out.
  6. Hey guys found a camper on eBay that's grab my attention. Can u advise me on a few things?
    This is the problems he has raised

    only problems with the van are listed above :- zig shows battery power but not tested if charge battery / driver door window winds up but not down have to push down some times / rev counter not working / back seats carpet worn / tear in roof window (as in photos) / has new roof pistons for the roof just have to be bolted on, roofs stays up with the pistons it has but if you get into one of bunks to sleep it comes down but will not do this with new pistons fitted they cost me £70 and bolt on and off very esay to fit /needs radio/cassett/ speakers.

    Not sure what the first one means? Any help please. He wants 9k.
  7. Have you goy the link for eBay? Couldn't find it on the search.
  8. He had mailed me back saying he has fixed it with a few other problems thx.
  9. This is the code :-
  10. Hi, I see it's ended did you get it?
  11. No it ended but only had 7k budget, now I've got extra cash so I text him and he said he still had it. He's gonna MOT and tax it at end of month. So when he does gonna make a trip check it out and hopefully we can make a deal.
  12. Would have loved a super but out of budget(& can't find one for love nor money) lol. :/
  13. Can be a frustrating business looking, I've was looking for about 4 months before the right one came up.
    Good luck!
  14. Cheers. What checks did u do be4 purchasing the one u chose?
  15. Lots of good tips on the forum but found this article helpful

    To be honest I fell on my feet with finding one just 3 miles down the road, did go back a couple of times to give a good look over. Checked the log book and engine numbers, DVLA, and decided it was worth £20 for a HPI check.

    I think the main thing with any I looked at was being prepared to walk away if I wasn't sure.
  16. Thx for that I found it very informative. Got one in Cheshire and one in Essex to look at.
  17. Not sure if its any help at all but have you considered buying another conversion and either waiting for a super 6 roof to come up or buying a new one? (a similar one is available I believe)
  18. hat

    What u mean? Buy another model and convert it?
  19. Simply that. A Viking roof can be retro fitted to another conversion if its the roof space your after but if originality is an issue then only that will do. Just a thought!
  20. Cheers.

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