WANTED Sun canopy or drive away awning

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  1. Wanted sun canopy or drive away awning or both before I buy new
  2. Hi Alex237
    I will have a Vango Airway Cruz for sale when I return from holiday. Genuine reason for sale.
    Not sure of your budget or where you are.
    If of interested please let me know.
  3. What size awning are you looking for and what will you use it for ,ie sitting in sleeping in etc . Sun canopy is good if. Weather is nice , lots to choose from . Go take a look at some before you buy is best idea :thumbsup:
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  4. I have both if you want

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  5. Details pics on all please
  6. 6F42F425-6F72-4B84-B82A-B2D14D6277D1.jpeg D3E62BC3-712C-411A-82C9-B61E54D1D378.jpeg 6F42F425-6F72-4B84-B82A-B2D14D6277D1.jpeg D3E62BC3-712C-411A-82C9-B61E54D1D378.jpeg
    Hi Alex237
    Great awning that we’ve used for the last 3 years.
    Plenty of space, easy to put up as air beam which is handy when doing short stops and moving on.
    Comes with ground sheet, carpet and all fittings for pump aswell as bags for everything.
    Price £225
  7. C262EC22-EC1C-49DD-9DF2-901AD07D527B.jpeg
    Got this one it’s smallish outdoor revolution you can buy zip on add ons on this one, if you need more info pm me . Also sides zip out to make into a canopy if reqd , the front peak on roof is good if raining as it stops water coming with door open . Also large windows give good light but have curtains and can be opened if reqd .
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  8. So why not give the guys who are bothering to answer your post an idea on what your budget is?
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