Suffolk Punch lawn mower

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by the2ems, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. I used to have a Qualcast Panther which my dad used when i was a very young child. Sadly, the local museum wasn't interested so it went to the scrappie.:(
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  2. I have a cali import Greens hand push
  3. Get one of these

  4. Merlin Cat

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    Me on a Ransome after cutting the grass :)

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  5. Merlin Cat

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    This is a smashing Suffolk Punch

  6. I have a panther which I picked up off Gumtree. Built like a tank and will go on forever. :thumbsup:
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  7. You've met my ex wife(number 1) then:p
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  8. I personally prefer the Allen scythe mowers. Everything up to young birch forest means nothing to it.

    I had to google this..

    It falls into the category of machines that lurch around causing random destruction and mayhem, almost under the control of the operator. It also has a reverse gear so it can run you over backwards, including a throttle design that makes it rev up if you end up holding the throttle control as it lurches back at you.. especially if you are about 12..
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  9. I have too many mowers...
  10. The guys at the Suffolk punch factory on pay day
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    I used to have hours of fun yellow snowing about with my dad's Super Colt as a kid, eventually nicking the engine for a very dangerous go kart, that sported no clutch or brakes. It didn't end well... :eek::lol:
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  12. Me on a Husqvarna:
    Much easier than a push-mower.

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  13. Ah....Ted. Have you sorted out the drainage in the lower field?
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  14. Much as I like to see pictures of all the random mowers, it’s hardly relevant to the question, and doesn’t help me in my attempt to repair an old mower that I acquired. :( There seems to be pretty much nothing when I Google or search YouTube. I’m beginning to wish I had never bid on it :lol:
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  15. Er... no sir... you said to fix the fence first sir?


    I’d better be getting back to it sir..

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  16. What's up with it?
  17. What do you expect from classic car forum?

    Incidentally, there are hundreds of pictures of Suffolk Punches. Jus google Suffolk Punch Lawnmower and search imagess.

  18. Don’t know yet. I saw it running when I picked it up, but the cables are not adjusted properly, and I have ordered a repair kit for the assembly in the control where the safety switch and cable grab are fitted. I could really do with a pic or diagram of how that goes together. It may be that when they arrive it will all just be a simple, job. But I do like to research stuff before I do it.
  19. It'll be pretty self-evident. Can still get spares for them. I'd get rid of the safety switch - live dangerously!
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  20. Actually it’s a classic microbus/delivery van/camper conversion forum. And if I’d just wanted a picture of a mower, I could have taken a picture of the mower I have. I was hoping that maybe someone who had one could take some pics of specific areas where I will need to see how bits are assembled. :)
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