Suffolk Punch lawn mower

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  1. Anyone got a Suffolk Punch 17S petrol mower who can take some pictures for me please? :)
  2. What are you some kind of sick lawn mower pervert?

    What next? You’ll be asking for pictures of our hedge trimmers?

    There should be laws to protect us from people like you.
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  3. EA884C70-4CDC-43C2-9B86-83F082B3C0AA.png

    I hope you are proud of yourself.
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  4. There are specialist groups out there that do that sort of thing. Suffolk Punch os a starter mower then next thing you know you're onto the Ransoms and Hayters.
    BTW I can't help with the original post.
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  5. That is a shadow of the real thing.
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  6. Here's @crossy2112 mowing the Barnsley Civic hall lawn, I think that's a Yorkshire pooonch
  7. More like a Yorkshire pouch.
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  8. Bazza I thought that was just between us :oops:
  9. Look in the Suffolk punch monthly magazine classifieds just after the users wives:thumbsup:
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  10. :thinking:
  11. I’ll bet Mike James or Snotty will be along shortly to help...

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  12. I had a Suffolk super colt that I would cut our postage stamp sized lawn with. It was great.

    It must have been as old as I am.... it would take many, many attempt to get it going then have to warm it up a bit.

    Pretty much half a day to mow the lawn. It was a lovely cut though.

    Got a Flymo now as my back couldn’t take the pressure of pulling the starter cord dozens of times.
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  13. I’ve got some hardcore Atco pics, if you’re interested ;)

    Chain drive, dog clutch - you can see everything...
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  14. Bosch cordless for me. So light and easy I got one for my mum too. She’s 86 and uses it all the time.
    Had a Hayter - messing about with petrol and doing my back in lugging it around wasn’t very rewarding.

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  15. Filth.

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  16. I er....know someone who can get hold of er....some negatives of a Hovermower. Keep it on the QT but pm me if interested....
  17. I used to ride a ransomes when I worked for my uncle

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  18. Hot damn.... they sure are puuurty
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  19. Pervert

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