Subaru strip and clean

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  1. Yawn, move along
  2. No need need to be nasty is there !:)
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  3. Is it series 2 engine or series 1?

    Don’t think it matters or neither do I know the difference, think electronics and maybe 2 NOX sensors rather than 1 (I think )

    You’ll really enjoy it. I do, though I’m starting to consider exhaust options... though the neighbours (and most who hear it) love the sound of mine, so maybe I won’t change it...
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  4. This one is a phase 2 engine. 2 lambda sensors.

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  5. Is that the only difference then?

    I guess other subtle differences like maybe smart alternator...
  6. Yours is also a phase 2 engine. Subaru changed their minds on stuff almost monthly I would say.

    This is a non computer controlled alternator

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  7. MorkC68

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    Im glad Matt answered your question, I'd be like errrr :eek:

    I know I'll enjoy it, the bus was a nice drive previously, never let us down. The scooby will just add to that, it'll be a whole new experience!
  8. It’s nice to keep up with traffic and then have more in the tank if needed. I get loads of people at lights, driving next to me etc. saying how great it is, thumbs up et al.

    Make sure your steering is all good, with as little play as possible, over taking lorries was a bit hairy before, but the rednine has massively helped with that.
  9. When’s fitting?

    Sorry for letting the car out the bag
  10. Towards end of september
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  11. Are you going to reverse the whole manifold or just the throttle body ?
    If your doing the manifold where do you get the spacers ?
  12. reversing the whole manfold, no need for spacers
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    Steering should be good, before we did the bodywork, we refurbished all of the steering components inc the steering box.

    My Dad is exited too as he keeps asking what is happening!
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    there is no secrecy Ray, so don't worry.

    The biggest drawback was lockdown, it put a halt to most things.
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  15. i was being suitably vague to add an aire of mystery, LOL
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    cats definitely out of the bag now mate!!
  17. yep
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  18. Sorry i thought you had to lift it slightly to reverse it.
    RJES used to sell a kit with spacers and alternator bracket.
  19. I get the alternator relocation bracket from nick tune, this manifold doesnt need spacers(or at least on the other 2 i have done i havemt needed them.)
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  20. Cheers :thumbsup:

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