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  1. A quick 45 minutes tonight stripping down this Ej20, I'm pretty sure they leave the factory this dirty, I've never seen a clean one come out of car. This has only done 89k and was well looked after. It's clean on the right places, the coolant pipe and chambers are mint as are the inlets.

    Start [​IMG]

    Alternator off [​IMG]

    AC off, belt cover off[​IMG]

    Inlet manifold off[​IMG]

    Inlet manifold[​IMG]

    Coolant chamber[​IMG]

    Inlet [​IMG]


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  2. What’s the plan?
  3. Clean, paint satin black with yellow highlights. Timing belt, water pump , oil seals etc reverse inlet manifold, relocate alternator, fit into a bay window

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  4. Did you strip it out the car or did you just buy the engine ?
  5. Careful with that spanner Matt!!!
    upload_2020-9-5_23-23-42.jpeg’s a tool eater!
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  6. This one I just bought the engine. I've done a few full cars though

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  7. You got a project lined up ready to fit... yellow.... @MorkC68 by any chance?
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  8. Errrm

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  9. Will his smile be as big as mine though??
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  10. MorkC68

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    Hands off Ray :D

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  11. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Moderator

    I think so :thumbsup:
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  12. I hope so

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  13. You won’t be disappointed. Are you having usual 2.0 setup?

    Same build type as Matt & mine?
  14. Wow, that's some timing belt!
  15. Yes, except. Mine is a 2.5

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  16. It's surprisingly easy to do

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  17. So if you didn’t take it out of the car what did I you do about the loom and how are you going to match it ?
  18. I got this engine form @Kruger, he has the same affliction as me and can't say no to a subaru. He pulled the engine and loom complete.

    I only buy from reputable sources where i know the loom will have been pulled correctly, so me, kruger or Nick Tune who does the actual loom conversion.[​IMG]

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  19. MorkC68

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    Yep, 2.0, it'll be fine for my needs, for touring more than anything, such as Wales, Scotland etc
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  20. Blimey!
    Looks like a super racing Max power super tuned doomsday thing boy:D
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