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  1. Many thanks ordered just inline filter and fuel lines to go and I think I have everything lol no way thats right bound to be loads I have forgot or not thought about.
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  2. For filters I use the VW square filter like used on the latebay fuel injected engines pre pump.

    You can an also fit the subaru fuel filter after the pump

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  3. Does the engine/ecu have a water temp built in or do I need to add an external one if so which one ?
  4. Built in, who's doing your loom?

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  5. Looks like nobody wants to tell you Bazza.
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  6. It should all be labelled up, it should be in the square 4 pin plug

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  7. Depends who does it, between £5k and £9k

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  8. Matts correct of course or you could use a digital gauge if you plug into the ODB port.
  9. It was more about what controls the fans I was unsure if the management system monitored the temp to turn those on and off or if I needed another in the water system to do the work.
  10. All done by the ecu mate. Don't overthink it

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  11. [mention]Ian Jones [/mention]
    This might help, copied from a Subaru forum:

    “According to the wiring diagram for a 97-98, the coolant sensor is wired direct to the ECU on B136-3 (B3) (the ECU 22 pin connector).
    There are two relays, one for each fan, driven by ECU pins B135-8 (C8) and B135-16 (C16) (16 pin connector on the ECU).

    Here's the wiring diag for a LHD turbo model with A/C, but I think the wiring is the same for a RHD. “

    There is also some talk that later models may have a second sensor below the alternator that goes to the dash dial, but again that’s just from the forum.
    I could go look at my ‘04 WRX but I don’t think that would help much!

    In essence it appears that the sensor sends to the ECU, which then decides when and which fans to operate via two relays.
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  12. Moons

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    I paid £5k ten years ago for mine.


    10 years.

    I also had the van rewired, and some paintwork to the enginebay/petrol tank so it come out all in nearer £6k.
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  13. Problem is there are many different types of ecus and numbers of plugs on the ecu, essentially they work the same but I wouldnt trust one diagram against another. Subaru liked to change the colour of wires and pin locations daily (slight exaggeration but very regularly ) by the looks of what I have seen.

    @Ian Jones follow what nick has given you on the A4 bit of paper

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  14. The point I was really trying to make was what I summarized at the bottom, in line with what others had said, that the sender talks to the ECU which then controls the fans via relays.
    I don’t expect that principle changes from one model to another whether the wiring differs slightly or not, it at least supports the principle.
  15. So i took of the home made belly pan from the PO and found this


    It was crammed full bits cut over the rails and wedged into the the sections that are on the outside pulled it all out and binned it some of it was wet but looks like no damage..

    B69DCEAF-37EE-4A08-91D1-715DAA5C8492.jpeg B69DCEAF-37EE-4A08-91D1-715DAA5C8492.jpeg
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