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  1. Im going to start a thread for my conversion so that i can put it all together in one place so this is it. I've already dropped the engine which I'll put the photos here and I've now drained and removed the tank to change it for a fuel injection one to give me a return. To day I've cut out the hole for the inspection hatch and fuel sender again photos will be here, this may be a very long/slow thread as im unsure how long this is going to take and thoughts feel free to post i won't be offended as i don't really know what im doing lol.
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  2. E80859C6-282C-4AB3-8F1D-7BF3F7914104.jpeg
    engine out
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  3. Bell housing and input shaft changed

    B248CBB4-879C-4875-AEA5-6305F1A03A78.jpeg 091B9DE6-85CD-4B86-859E-E5044D6A761D.jpeg
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  4. Engine inspection hatch cut out.

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  5. Looking good.

    Thought you had fitted a see through inspection hatch for a minute
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  6. Now there's an idea

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  7. No the bell housing that was on my 6 rib was the smaller/earlier version and the shorter input shaft for a type 1 engine so I’ve changed it to the larger bell housing and longer input shaft.
  8. Ahhhh, I remember now.

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  9. Been to Fellows today picked up a few bits engine bar, accelerator cable, rad mounting brackets was talking to the lads there and they reckon that even though my engine is a 2002 with 2 sensors that I can remove one as it’s only there to keep an eye on the cat which I will no longer have. Also what filter and pump are you using @pkrboo @Razzyh
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  10. Jeep the second lamda it will run better and stop it from throwing codes. I'll the link to a good fuel pump

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  11. Use the pump Matt will link as I did buy a Bosch 044 (I think) but it’s overkill. a basic cone filter will do. A bit like the K&N’s
  12. I think he means what fuel filter

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  13. Yes I meant fuel filter not air filter lol.

  14. Long day.... long week!
  15. Moons

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    Out of interest, why did you put an engine inspection hatch in?
  16. Just to make life easier.
  17. @pkrboo did you forget about that link or have you not had time lol
  18. Out of interest how much would it cost to have a Subaru engine fitted to my early drive in drive out ??
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